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The original six beautiful scenic spots in Weihai, with mountains and seas intertwined, with picturesque scenery!


Speaking of the sea, which cities do you think of, Xiamen? Qingdao? Dalian? Or Beihai? Many people may not know Weihai, the most beautiful cape in China. The following editor will introduce to you those beautiful scenic spots in Weihai.

Rushan Silver Beach

The silver beach is very beautiful. In the summer afternoon, there was a sudden heavy rain. The sunny silver beach gleamed under the sunlight, and the sand on the silver beach glowed with white and yellow light in the sun. Beautiful, on such a fairyland-like silver beach, it feels like being in a fairy tale.


Motianling looks like an ordinary mountain, but it is not. There is a suspended aerial ropeway across the sea, you can take a cable car through the clouds, overlooking the beautiful scenery.

Weihai International Beach

As one of the most beautiful beaches in China, the seawater quality of Weihai International Bathing Beach is very good. Of course, there are few tourists and the superior natural environment is also an important reason for the good seawater quality. The beach environment here is also well protected. You can see all kinds of small animals in the sea in the clear water, such as small fishes, crabs, and jellyfish. In addition, you can also play a wide variety of marine entertainment. The Marine Forest Park is next to the beach. In the Marine Forest Park, you can see all kinds of green plants and the blue ocean, which is beautiful.


Due to the special geographical location of Chengshantou, China can actually see the sunrise at the sea high angle for the first time. If you can get here at dawn, then you can see the first ray of sunshine of the day. Finally, you can take a walk along the plank road by the sea, blow the sea breeze, watch the wonderful nature, and have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky, the mountain and the sea, it is wonderful!


Likoushan is a very life-like small mountain village. You can see that local villagers often gather by the stream, chatting about their daily life, or busying themselves with their work. Surrounded by mountains, beautiful mountains and clear waters, the scenery is very beautiful. In addition, it is rich in fruits, among which flat peaches are the most famous. Tourists who come here can pick the fruits by themselves, which is very interesting. There are also many lovely succulents here, and many photo shooters and succulent lovers come here.


When coming to Weihai, one place that must not be missed is Liugong Island. Liugong Island is very small, only 3.1 square kilometers, but it is very famous because it has many historical relics and was the birthplace of the Beiyang Navy. On Liugong Island, you can see the Chinese Jiawu War Museum, the Jiawu Sea Battle Hall, the naval school of the year, many forts and other relics. In addition, the ecological environment here is also very good. The country’s first marine forest park is here on Liugong Island. The air here is fresh. The editor thinks that qualified tourists must stay on the island for one night to get a feel of the island. life.

Jiaodong Fishing Village

Hekou Jiaodong Fishing Village is located at the easternmost tip of the Jiaodong Peninsula. The houses in the fishing village are very distinctive. It is a seaweed house with stone walls and seaweed as the top. This is the traditional residence of the residents here, and this kind of house is warm in winter and cool in summer, making it very suitable for living. The residents here are also very traditional, they have been fishing and breeding for generations. In Jiaodong Fishing Village at Hekou, you can not only feel the innocent and honest fisherman folk customs of the local residents, but also enjoy the picturesque scenery.

After watching the beautiful scenery of Weihai, I believe you are also a little hungry. In fact, Weihai is unique not only the beautiful scenery here, but also the cheap seafood. The seafood in Weihai is very fresh and the price is very high. There are many seafood-based restaurants, such as Ocean Great Wall Seafood, a sea-view restaurant, where you can not only eat delicious seafood, but also see the beautiful blue sea through the floor-to-ceiling glass. There is also Shunfeng Seafood. This seafood hot pot restaurant is also very good. The hot pot here is one person, one pot, so it is very hygienic. In addition, the seafood here is also very delicious and melts in the mouth. The editor highly recommends the raw food boat here. Oh!

Compared with other cities, Weihai is more quiet and low-key. This city with few tourists, low prices and beautiful scenery, is worth your visit.