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The original Sun Li left long hair and turned over again!Zhaqing palace head reappears Zhen Huan, rare heavy makeup and high-profile show sexy


Sun Li, who has always spoken with strength, has ushered in the second cover of the five major magazines this year, and has ushered in the cover of her fifth time in the past three years, and it is a one-time treatment of three singles, which can be said to be a full interpretation. Sun Li’s strength.

The cover shot by Zhang Jiacheng has once again created a completely new image with a unique retro look. For the short-haired beauty with a bit of solidification, the freshness this time is very full. The first is a brand new hairstyle. Long-haired hairstyles are rarely used in major movies. The hair style of the Qing Dynasty has a feeling of returning to the Zhen Huan period, revealing a slightly obtrusive big forehead, that kind of stubborn temperament and facial features are all expressed. The rare heavy make-up and brilliantly applied, creating a cold and sharp temperament, it seems that it is still the second time to return to the palace.

This time is mainly retro style. The first exposed cover is quite amazing, mainly showing the high nose and eyes, highlighting the temperament changes brought by heavy makeup, warm color makeup and Van Cleef & Arpels. The color jewellery of Cyabao fully demonstrates the luxurious texture. The appearance of velvet gloves perfectly laid the style of the overall retro style, looking at people across the flowers, shining jewels, and romantic style.

In the trend of western retro style, Hepburn’s classic little black dress is naturally indispensable. The long gloves are elegant in style and exude a strong classical court temperament. The velvet material is a must-have material in the classic style. It collides with the color high-end jewelry to create a high-level and gorgeous texture, and it also gets rid of the deep effect of all black.

However, the skirt design of this cake skirt is quite unique, with a three-dimensional sense of architectural style. After getting rid of the waistline, it looks like wearing a Christmas tree, getting rid of the traditional and elegant restraints of retro style, creating a playful effect of ghost horses. Sun Li, who has been working out, practicing yoga, and practicing Tai Chi all the year round, has a surprising sense of control over her limbs. She dances in front of the camera. His slim figure and shape are perfectly blended. He looks strange and very cute.

In this styling, the appearance rate of ladies’ gloves is extremely high. Even this modern style skirt with a sense of design makes perfect use of gloves to establish the overall style. The highlight of the details is the echoing effect of the high collar, which gives the classical style a more complete sense of harmony, but the dark black makeup is really too sharp.

Speaking of French retro, how can one lack a wide-brimmed hat? As an accessory of European aristocrats, the top hat is more formal in style with the dress, but the wide-brimmed hat is more suitable for daily amorous charm. This pair of breeches and big bow shirt, make full use of the wide-brimmed hat to stimulate the sexy charm of the see-through top. It’s just that the gloves are slightly redundant.

Another shortcoming is the problem caused by the hairstyle. This Qing palace hair style is too exposed to Sun Li’s face shape. The whole brain is a bit awkward, and the face shape is out of balance. Sun Li’s facial features are relatively tough. Without hair modification, male The look is heavier, but the wide-brimmed hat looks a bit redundant.

The use of simple polka dot tulle can also create a classic charm, which is almost the same as the matching effect of a top hat. Using red lips to enhance this hazy feeling of looking at flowers in the mist, it has both beautiful and sexy effects, but also noble and bright. , It also makes facial lines softer and feminine. There are also see-through stockings under the long skirt. If you only match stockings, it is obviously too much, but the matching of the veil instantly makes the overall shape harmonious.

The retro caramel color creates a strong femininity. Different from the above styles that focus on retro items, the focus is on color matching. The caramel color background and the shape are combined to create a French-style effect, which is elegant to the extreme and shows the domineering of a big woman. The breakthrough point is that it is rare to show sexy with a sling lace skirt, and the ribbon around the neck is full of amorous feelings.

After getting rid of the middle bun, this stewardess style bun has a better effect on the face shape, and the whole temperament is also softer, but overall, the effect of this long hair style modification is far less than the daily short hair. Especially the Qing palace hair type has a heavier rollover feeling.

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