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The original white shoes are laid off! The most popular to wear “fairy shoes” in 2021, beautiful and advanced!


With the sweltering season approaching, I wonder if many friends and sisters have begun to enter the “clothing burnout period”, and I can’t wait for the clearer and simpler the better. At this time, it’s especially important to learn to use a pair of high-value and practical “fairy shoes” to add points to your minimalist look. Even if the upper body is easy to match, you can still show your temperament and clothes. Good products, easy and stable wins, good-looking!

So what are the most popular and best “fairy shoes” to wear this summer? Without further ado, let’s take a look with sister.

  1. Strap sandals
    Midsummer is undoubtedly the home of sandals, and “strap sandals” are the No. 1 popular sandals that are most sought after by fashionistas. They have a very high appearance rate in fashionable summer wear.

Compared with regular sandals, the most notable feature of strappy sandals is that the straps are more slender. This thin belt design can not only expose more instep skin, so that your summer look is more refreshing and light. And make your whole person look taller and slim, The most important thing is that it is sultry and charming enough to create a kind of just right high-level sexy, elegant and feminine. It’s definitely a must-have for a well-deserved goddess this summer. Sisters who like simple style can start with this minimalist thin belt sandals or sandals. When you wear a bright upper body, using it to embellish can achieve the neutralization of one complex and one simple, thereby enhancing the overall texture of the shape. Of course, thin strap sandals are more common in this asymmetrical design style, or cross or entangled together, not only more personalized, It can also create an extraordinarily sultry and sexy fashionable atmosphere. Strap sandals that incorporate strap elements are also a popular tool for styling. Especially when the upper body is very simple and simple, with the help of this pair of strappy sandals that are eye-catching and can show off the beautiful legs, you can make your look instantly beautiful and help you in the crowd. Stand out easily. When wearing strappy sandals, it is recommended that you choose this style with a small thick heel design, which not only looks good but also shows high leg length comfortably. It is definitely an indispensable weapon for winning this summer. Single product recommendation NEW 2. Ballet shoes itMode Flat shoes are one of the must-have items that we wear with the highest rate of daily wear. The most popular flat shoes in spring and summer this year are “flat ballet shoes” that can bloom from the tip of the toes. While full of comfort, it is exquisite and graceful in capitals, allowing you to exude an elegant, noble and charming temperament in your gestures. Ballet shoes are generally based on round toe and square toe. Not only are they simple and versatile and suitable for everyday life, they are also very friendly to wide-footed star people. For sisters who want to be more refined and feminine, it is recommended to start with this kind of ballet shoes with thin ribbon bow elements, which can give you the finishing touch. The basic color ballet shoes are low-key and classic, making the daily commute correct. The color-blocking ballet shoes are also very nice, elegant and without losing the sense of detail. And if you want to make your summer look more eye-catching, red ballet shoes will definitely be your best choice. A touch of beautiful red embellishment can make your look beautiful and upgrade immediately. Single product recommendation NEW Bright yellow classic square toe low-heel ballet shoes Click to buy the same paragraph 3. Square toe shoes itMode If you pay attention to the street styles of fashionable people, it is not difficult to find that since the retro style of the fashion circle has returned, many of the popular shoes are a bit “square”. Especially in the summer of this year, the square toe design has a sense of presence and is used in many summer shoes. Square-toed shoes come with a retro accent, no matter how you wear your upper body, As long as you put it together, you can instantly become retro and modern, with a full sense of vintage. And the most popular thing about square-toed shoes is that they can easily accommodate and accommodate various types of feet. It can be called the real “comfort and fashion coexist”, allowing you to create easy chic effortlessly in a stylish summer. Single product recommendation NEW 4. Cat heel shoes itMode Cat heels have always been the best spokesperson for “elegance and practical wear”, with a feminine temperament. The heel height is between 3 cm and 5 cm. It not only has a perfect appearance, but also has perfect wearability. Therefore, whether it is for commuting or daily wear, the current fashionistas prefer to use it instead of traditional high heels. Cat heels are a bit elegant, a bit sexy, and the balance is just right, Together with the skirt, the most charming temperament and graceful posture can be displayed. And the mix and match between it and trousers is equally stunning, handsome and feminine, regardless of the daily street or workplace, it is confident and fashionable to wear. Single product recommendation NEW 5. Muller slippers itMode Comfortable and easy-to-go slippers are undoubtedly the favorite of lazy people, and Muller sandals are the face value in the slippers industry. It not only has the unique light and comfortable characteristics of slippers, but also has its own retro literary label. Can play a significant role in adding points to your summer look. And the design of Muller’s sandals to expose the heels can also visually stretch the legs of the legs to be taller and thinner. Therefore, we generally only need to choose the flat style which is very chic. The thick-heeled Muller slippers also have a very high appearance rate in fashionable outfits, comfortable and easy to walk, and full of accent. Or if you want to be more individual and special, you can also try to put your thoughts on the heel. Alien and Muller sandals like this are very chic and eye-catching, which can give people a sense of surprise. Muller’s sandals and trousers are the standard summer combination, which is lazy, stylish and effortless. And it is also unique when mixed and matched with fairy skirts, seductive and casual, you can win a lot easily, and it looks good! Single product recommendation NEW Okay, let’s talk about it today, just like it and let’s go~