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The story of the brothers raising the epidemic season


Dedicating effort to processing thousands of meals with adequate nutrition, food safety and hygiene, helping patients, staff, and doctors to have health ‘fight’ with Covid-19 is the job of the staff, logistics soldier of the Bac Giang Province Customs Department and the 3rd Division (Military Zone 1) during the past time.
Delicious and nutritious meals

For each meal, officers and soldiers (CBCS) of the Provincial Military Command and the 3rd Division had to plan to prepare thousands of meals. “Our job is to cook nutritious and delicious dishes to help doctors, staff, health workers and patients have good health to defeat the epidemic” – Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Hanh, Political Department, The provincial Customs Department shared. In order to have delicious, nutritious and regularly renewed meals, Hanh and his teammates have to discuss carefully with the Department of Nutrition, Provincial Rehabilitation Hospital to create a weekly menu. Officers and soldiers of the Provincial Military Command and the 3rd Division prepare meals to serve patients treated at the Rehabilitation Hospital. From the beginning of May until now, most of the staffs have participated in the fight against Covid with different tasks and roles. In agencies and units, they make plans, make training programs, and perform political tasks. Here again, the brothers became foster brothers. Rarely can they show their talents, each person has to work with knives and chopping boards to process together, then arrange a beautiful meal. Every day, with a little more experience, more delicious and diverse meals, we are also happy to receive positive feedback from staff, doctors and patients. To operate 2 field kitchens to serve thousands of meals for staff and doctors treating Covid-19 at the following locations: Primary Rehabilitation Hospital 1, Grassroots Rehabilitation Hospital 2 (at the Ngo Gia Tu College), Lung Hospital, No. 2 Infectious Field Hospital (Ministry of Defense), Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Duc Hanh promptly advised to equip 3 industrial rice cabinets with large capacity, able to cook 70 kg of rice/pot/time (each time cook for about 2 hours); mobilized nearly 100 CBCS to support. At the rate of 80,000 VND/person/day, the logistics force calculates and divides it according to the ratio of 2/4/4 (16,000 VND for breakfast, 32 thousand VND for lunch and dinner each). From early in the morning, the kitchen at the Oncology Hospital 2 at the Vietnam – Korea Vocational College of Technology was on fire. At the end of May 2021, the field hospital was quickly installed, the kitchen infrastructure was also cleaned and tidy by CBCS. On June 2, thousands of meals were prepared by the brothers. Major Nguyen Thanh Tung, Regiment 831 (Ministry of the Provincial People’s Army), Deputy Director of the Field Hospital said: Thanks to the support of the 3rd Division, the field kitchen here has 32 comrades, in addition there are 4 Chefs of large restaurants volunteer to assist. Tung just finished his words, lunch on June 12 includes: Hot roast meat, fried shrimp with onions, fried beans, fried eggs, roasted peanuts, boiled spinach, and sweet potato soup are beautifully presented. Lunch box, food, soup, dessert are packed separately, every food is neat. For seriously ill patients, young children, pregnant women, the kitchen based on registration needs to prepare porridge, nutritional powder, pho, vermicelli, bread and milk… even ready vegetarian meals. for dieters. Every job is proud For each staff member of the Ministry of Public Security of the province and the 3rd Division, participating in logistics services for field hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients is a special task but also extremely proud. Soldier Nguyen Khac Thu, 3rd Division said: “When the unit had information, I and many other comrades volunteered to the epidemic center in Bac Giang. We are involved in the construction, installation and now logistics of the field hospital. I am very proud of my small contribution together with the unit and Bac Giang people to soon fight the epidemic.” At the invitation of Major Nguyen Thanh Tung and Major Do Hong Vu, Logistics Department (Provincial Ministry of Customs), with the spirit of volunteering, Mr. Ha Van Tuan, chef of a large restaurant in Nham Bien town (Yen Yen). Dung) and three other chefs, ready to put aside personal work, volunteered to pack a backpack to a field hospital located at the Vietnam-Korea Vocational College of Technology. Tuan said: “As a professional, we also hope to cook delicious meals to serve patients, staff, and doctors. They can eat well to have the health to work.” Thanks to your dedication, from the beginning of June until now, the meals of the staff, doctors and patients here are always delicious. Senior Lieutenant Colonel Vu Van Hung, Deputy Director of Logistics, Ministry of Public Security of the province said: “In order to ensure the quality of meals at field hospitals and isolation areas in the province, the provincial Department of Customs has established a working group of officers. sets of rooms and departments; regularly inspect and supervise the organization of cooking force, ensuring logistics. We require kitchens to import food from reputable establishments with clear origins; Build a varied and nutritious menu on a weekly basis. Especially, the processing stage ensures a one-way process, is carefully packed and preserved before being transferred to the patient and stored.” Thanks to the methodical, orderly and orderly implementation, most of the field kitchens are operated by CBCS. Provincial Customs Department and Division 3 maintain regular maintenance, highly appreciated by the Provincial Food Safety and Hygiene Department. Post, photo: Tuyet Mai