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The taste of the Central region in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City changed the taste of the day


No need to go far, diners still have the opportunity to experience the cool specialties right in Saigon.

On these days of social distancing, foodies should order food delivery services to limit gathering in crowded restaurants. Vermicelli, shrimp vermicelli, spring rolls, shallot soup, banh xeo, grilled spring rolls are culinary suggestions not to be missed during the time you work from home. Don’t lie The specialty of Cha Lui originates from the land of La Gi (Binh Thuan). The main ingredients include rice paper which is cut into small rectangular pieces, wrapped in shrimp paste with minced meat. “Lui” is a word used to refer to the practice of skewering bamboo sticks through a piece of cake and baking it on a charcoal stove. Crispy fried rice is often served with rice paper rolls with cucumber, lettuce, mango and herbs. The dipping sauce is made from sweet fish sauce mixed with tomato puree, tamarind juice, and ground peanuts. Diners commented: Nguyen Vo: “The rolls are firm, the filling is full”. About Lang: “Fresh vegetables, crispy spring rolls and delicious spring rolls. The price is quite affordable”. Citastyfood: “I ordered a meal consisting of grilled beef with guise leaves, grilled spring rolls, fried spring rolls, vermicelli, raw vegetables with attractive dipping sauce. Only about 100,000 VND, you have a full meal for 2 people.” Rice vermicelli, shrimp vermicelli Rice vermicelli and shrimp vermicelli are famous dishes in Binh Dinh. For vermicelli, a bowl of pounded rice with broth is usually served separately, and the vermicelli is served separately. When eating, people add rice water to the vermicelli little by little, adding herbs, roasted peanuts, broken rice paper … Shrimp noodles are impressed by the taste of the broth, the sweetness of fresh shrimp, fragrant from pepper and crispy of rice paper. Diners commented: Foodee_nh3e8e7i: “Brilliant rice vermicelli, frugal shrimp vermicelli. The restaurant should fry the fish cakes with less fire, it will be better”. Citastyfood: “The special bowl of rice vermicelli has a combination of vegetables, grated cucumber, peanuts, fish cakes, fried rice nuggets with rice rice soup. Strange taste, fat, mix the ingredients to create harmony. , cool bar. Vermicelli with shrimp, beef, fish cake and fresh squid. The price is suitable for the quality”. Pancakes Quang Ngai pancakes are small in size, crunchy or soft depending on customers’ requirements. The filling usually contains bean sprouts, green onions, shrimp and meat. During the time at home to avoid the epidemic, you can enjoy the dish with your loved ones by spreading rice paper, adding pancakes, cucumber, green mango, raw vegetables and then rolling it up and dipping it with chili garlic fish sauce. Diners commented: Hang Lam: “Quang Ngai style pancakes, white rice flour, not mixed with turmeric or coconut milk. The fish sauce is a bit salty. Each cake includes 1 shrimp with a little bacon, bean sprouts. Raw vegetables served with gotu kola, strange mouth. and less bored, but not very clean.” Thao Tran: “I have ordered here 3 times and the quality of the dish is stable, the right style of Quang Ngai pancakes, less oil, so I don’t get bored”. Hukha.foodaholic: “The cake is not eye-catching but fragrant, the shell is slightly burnt. The filling consists of small shrimp, meat, bean sprouts, dipped with salty fish sauce. Overall the dish is not too excellent, the shell is not very crispy.” Chives soup cake Shallot soup cake is a rustic specialty in Phu Yen. The right dish for you to recharge during “work from home” days. The broth is cooked from fish bones for a sweet taste, not much fat. Fried fish cakes, quail eggs are indispensable ingredients in a bowl of green cake soup. Diners commented: Thu Huyen: “The bowl of banh chung is full of shallots but the taste is not pungent. The filling includes fish cakes and mackerel, dipped with sweet and sour sauce, fragrant with lemon leaves. The rice flour noodles are mixed with the broth to taste.” Tran Hanh: “The restaurant uses Phu Yen chives in the soup cake. These chives have small stalks, fragrant but not pungent. The lemon peel dipping sauce is quite delicious.” Lien Khong: “The noodles are small, clear and flexible. The portion is full of green chives, sweet taste, delicious fish cakes, mackerel and quail eggs. When eating, guests can dip the fish balls with a thick green dipping sauce. the restaurant’s features. The price is right.” Baked rolls Grilled spring rolls are a specialty associated with the land of Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa). On hot sunny days in Saigon, a piece of thin rice paper rolls with fragrant grilled spring rolls with herbs, cucumbers, mangoes, bananas… and mixed with fish sauce, bring a culinary flavor that attracts all diners. Diners commented: Tran Thanh Gia Huy: “Delicious spring rolls, delicious dipping sauce, clean vegetables”. TrucQuynh Junmi: “Crispy hot spring rolls, lots of meat, not mushy like many other places. Rich vegetables with chives, lettuce, mango salad, chili, garlic, rice paper. The fragrant peanut sauce is the highlight. emphasis of the dish”. Make a rich cauliflower salad for dinner Cauliflower or cauliflower is a food that contains many healthy nutrients. Housewives can refer to the method below to have a new broccoli salad for the family.