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There is a thousand-year-old street in Suzhou, which has been renovated into a beautiful and ancient business district. It is good for shopping but not many tourists.


Suzhou Bay is located between Wuzhong and Wujiang District in Suzhou. It is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Taihu Lake. The modern city name card of Suzhou Bay, “Taihu New City”, which is mainly created by the local area, is gradually taking shape. This is not only an eco-tourism resort integrating tourism, sightseeing, sports and leisure, but also a highly concentrated antique block of pocket town. This is Shengjiashe Old Street, which has a history of nearly a thousand years, carries the memory of Wujiang, and has witnessed the rise and fall of Wujiang. Despite the passage of time and the changing times, the charm of the old street has not disappeared. Now it has been completely renovated and repaired as before, maintaining the typical Jiangnan water town style with white walls, black tiles and river streets adjacent to it. Shengjiashe (she), also known as Shengjiashe, is located on the south side of Wujiang Old Town. “She” and “she” both mean villages. In Jiangnan history, there are many villages called she or she. There are mainly families surnamed Sheng. As early as the Hongzhi and Zhengde reigns of the Ming Dynasty, the priest Shengcan returned to the countryside from officialdom and settled on the banks of the Wusong River in Wujiang. Later, the descendants of the Sheng family lived here for generations, hence the name. Tracing back to history, the old streets of Shengjiashe have accumulated a thousand years of cultural heritage. Although there are no such old streets as Wuzhen and Xitang, this is an antique street in Wujiang City that fully retains the historical features of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. It still maintains the parallel river and street. The historical pattern and the architectural style of Zhenshui Renjia. In the old days, Shengjiashe was the most prosperous area in the Wujiang area. On the old streets and along the river, merchants gathered and the event was extraordinary. There were various teahouses, pharmacies, and department stores. There were many famous and time-honored shops in the area, and all businesses were flourishing. Nowadays, after upgrading and reconstruction by the local government, the old is restored. Strolling in the old district of Shengjiashe, there are many shops and houses in the same style. Visitors can encounter the strong traditional Jiangnan style, pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, silk cheongsam…it makes people feel like walking into the old days. Coming to Shengjiashe Old Street, walking in the quaint Jiangnan ancient street, visitors can browse various specialty shops, buy silk products and cheongsam, etc., or check in various simple and fresh, with great Jiangnan cultural charm. Scenery, leaving beautiful photos. There are not many tourists in Shengjiashe Old Street, and the environment is quiet and quiet. It is very suitable for walking slowly and exploring various good stores. In a small alley of Shengjiashe Old Street, there is a “treasure bookstore” hidden in Shima Bookstore. It is not so much a bookstore, but it is more of a public cultural space. It is full of strong cultural atmosphere. The roof is Words and calligraphy in various fonts, books with fragrance of ink are on the shelves, and there will be salons, reading clubs, lectures and other cultural activities here. People can’t help but “keep your heart and stop here” and let your soul immerse yourself in reading. In between, apart from impetuousness, enjoy peace of mind. There is also a very special place in Laojie called “Jade Space”. This is a special cultural space integrating theater, inn, coffee break, and restaurant. Its founder is Li Yugang. He perfectly combines art and life, walks into the space, one step at a time, and full of Zen. The whole space is based on the combination of “heartlessness” and renunciation. It is antique, with elegant artistic conception, and the design and furnishings are extremely exquisite. The piano, chess, calligraphy, poetry, wine and tea are all uniquely interpreted and presented here, full of Chinese style quality Life is refreshing. In particular, tasting an exquisite Chinese delicacy here is a double enjoyment of vision and taste. [Original works, reprinting is prohibited, infringement must be investigated]Please pay attention to me and share more exciting trips with you