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These anti-human designs, girls all over the country want to say no


There are many unknown secrets in life, hidden in the details of life that we neglect.

such as, Why are the pockets of most women’s clothing so small?
Take jeans as an example, the blogger@Always-KidRecently, a video of “Why Are There No Pocket Pockets in Women’s Pants” was released recently.
By comparing the trouser pockets of men’s and women’s trousers, bloggers found that women’s trouser pockets can’t even fit a mobile phone and can be taken away easily, even some trouser pockets are just decoration.
But the men’s trouser pockets can hold large lotions, power banks, large boxes of candies, mobile phones, etc. at the same time. Big enough to put down “a whole vast and unknown universe.”
The foreign website The Pudding survey surveyed about 80 pairs of jeans. On average, the length of the pockets of girls’ jeans is 48% lighter and 6.5% narrower than that of boys’ jeans, and the depth of the pockets is only about half of that of men’s jeans.

The Weibo topic #女 easy trousers pockets too anti-human, aroused the sympathy of the majority of women. Equivalent to only 40% of women’s pockets can be fully fitted into iPhone X, and the success rate of men’s pockets is 100%. Whether it’s skinny jeans or straight jeans, this difference exists. How do girls buy things, Want to engage in a “color revolution”? In 1954, the well-known designer Christian Dior said: “Men’s pockets are for holding things, and women’s pockets are for decoration.” To this day, there may be many designers still pursuing the principle of “male clothing is designed for practicality and female clothing is born for beauty”. For this reason, some businesses may compress the space of women’s trouser pockets due to the need of beautiful design. Weibo netizens @活体复读机 sharing the difference between men’s and women’s trouser pockets Many women wear lipstick, tissues, and earphones when they go out. If their trouser pockets can’t fit so many small objects, they will choose to carry a bag to go out. So you can see, whether you are strolling in a quiet campus, on the way to work, or going out for a break on the weekend, a lot of Girls have to bring a bag when they go out. But in some cases, the loading capacity of women’s bags is still much worse than that of men’s bags. Take a big-name backpack for example. The best-selling female diagonal bag is priced at 4485 yuan. This delicate mini bag is decorated with camellia. If you put a mobile phone inside, you want to put another power bank. It’s possible. Girls who are away from home carry such a bag, which is not very practical. Some large items will still be “tied up” in the hands. “Broken Sisters”The female protagonist went out, carrying many bags. At the same price, men’s handbags of the same brand are briefcases and business bags. It is not a problem for them to put a small computer.The loading capacity far exceeds that of female backpacks. Someone complained, “Perhaps the fashion industry simply wants women not to carry anything out of the house.” It is puzzling that although some women’s bags have smaller space and poorer loading capacity, their prices are much higher than those of men’s bags. If it is because the cost of raw materials and technology for women’s bags is higher, it is excusable. But the price difference between some men’s and women’s models is puzzling. For example, only the color is different between men and women, but the value is a few blocks away. Businesses like to make a fuss on pink products, because this color is often regarded as the preference of girls. Women always bring lipstick, tissues, and headphones when they go out. Air Force Pink Valentine’s Day series of the same shoes for men and women, the price of men’s models is between 919-949 yuan, and the female models are increased to 1219-2029 yuan; Gaming mouse black and water silver are both 299 yuan, pink crystal color is 329 yuan; The Razer DX co-branded gaming chair faith color matching standard version is 1399 yuan, and the powerful goddess car is 1799 yuan. Suning Mini’s small fan also made a price distinction in terms of color, increasing the price of the more feminine pink fan to 22.9 yuan, and other colors to 12.9 yuan. The price of the more feminine pink fan is different from the others. The fact that pink products are priced higher than other color products has made more and more women dissatisfied with this “pink tax”. “Pink tax” refers to the phenomenon that women’s models are more expensive than men’s for the same type of goods. It is named because most of the higher-priced women’s products are pink. In the current sales activities of various platforms, The phenomenon of “pink tax” is not uncommon. Are there any other differences besides the color? When buying daily necessities in the mall, you may habitually pick up “female-only” shampoos, attracted by the matte packaging, and directlyIgnore the styles for men. Maybe you haven’t noticed at all. In fact, apart from the color and packaging, men and women skin care products are the same in terms of ingredients and production costs. Ryan McDevitt commented on the phenomenon of female pink tax. On top of the basic products for the general public, merchants do in-depth sales for women, making the products smaller and more pink. They work hard on aesthetics, but sometimes they deviate from the practicality of the items themselves. As far as umbrellas are concerned, search on Taobao “Umbrella Girl” , Umbrella design and aesthetic performance are of various types, and the theme-limited series are even more diverse. Ingenious women’s umbrellas and sturdy men’s umbrellas. Merchants have seized the characteristics of women’s preference for “exquisiteness” and made a fuss about the appearance to increase the price of their products.but The same article changed gender and searched again, but most of them were “Daigu, thick, sturdy and durable for two people.” Computer accessories on all major platforms under the banner of “e-sports girl” changed the packaging of the popular styles, and replaced the basic headsets with cat ears. Or it was a joint name with XXX for Amway, which was summed up by netizens as a pink tax lightning protection book.SomeoneCommented:

“No one really thinks girls like pink, right?” “The sense of cheapness overflows the screen.” “None of these pink chairs have considered the height of women.”

“No one really thinks girls like pink, right?” “The sense of cheapness overflows the screen.” “None of these pink chairs have considered the height of women.” The New York Consumers Association once conducted a survey,Among the 5 categories of 397 products in the United States, 42% of the products are women’s models at a higher price. A collection of e-sports girl products. Businesses may think that female consumers are less sensitive to prices and spend more “expensively”, but the actual situation may be beyond their expectations. Spanish scholar Manzano Anton believes that there are a large number of products sold specifically to women on the market, which are mostly related to the society’s expectations of women’s “beauty”, but the differentiation of these products is sometimes unnecessary. More often, the attributes and functions of products are deliberately marketed by merchants, not based on the real needs of women. This “pink bubble” should have been burst long ago Why should women spend more money on the same product? In the advertising video launched by Burger King and David Miami, Burger King launched a pink-packaged chicken fries priced at $3.09 based on the price of American chicken fries for $1.69, and it was only sold to women. During the ordering process, the staff will deliberately ask the lady who ordered: “This is in a pink package. It has eyelashes and a bow. Will you pay more for the pink box?” Every woman said “I reject”. Burger King used such clever social experiments to tell people how absurd it is to ask women to pay more just because the packaging is pink. Not all girls like pink, and not all women like complicated styles. Among the groups fighting back against the “pink tax”, the Douban Pink Tax Boycotters Alliance team assembled 25,227 pink girls According to the group profile, “Girls are not the wool of unscrupulous merchants and refuse to be cut”. They brainstormed, worked together, shared their experiences, and avoided paying the “pink tax.” Members of the Pink Tax Boycotts Alliance team share their experience of trampling thunder. Netizen@月燃Recently, I placed an order for a female watch in a Tissot store, but the gifts for men and women are completely different. Buying men’s watches will give you a Tissot custom umbrella, while women’s models will give you a custom portable mirror. @月燃Tucao this kind of operation “is really unequal in value, it’s too bad.” In the sharing of netizens, “genderless” clothing has gradually become a way to fight back against the “pink tax”.In recent years, many fast fashion brands have launched”Genderless clothing”. “Genderless” clothing has gradually become a counterattack against the “pink tax” trend. Boyfriend style, oversize…A variety of masculine clothing styles for women’s clothing are also one of the manifestations of non-sexist clothing. “Genderless” clothing not only pursues minimalism, but also reorganizes design elements with obvious gender characteristics. Pay attention to individualization and practical value, reducing the pressure and constraints on clothing. Only when the practical needs of girls are paid attention to and valued, not just gimmicks, can it be possiblePop the “pink bubble”. Today’s interaction What are the “pink tax” phenomena around you? Written | Aunt Xue Edit | Paper Crane Typography | Agassi *The source network of the picture without the source