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Travel blogger writes book about ‘terraced paradise’


Hoai Sa’s ‘Love Story of the Mountain – Horizontal and Vertical’ by Hoai Sa is a vivid memoir about the nature, culture and people of Ha Giang.
Young author Hoai Sa is a travel blogger. With logic, detail and special affection for the land of Ha Giang, The love story of the mountain – Horizontal and vertical Hoang Su Phi is the result of many times he “horizontally” over the past 2 years.

The pen book consists of 17 articles that let readers discover and experience the cultural life and natural landscape of Hoang Su Phi – a district located in the west of Ha Giang province. The eyes of a travel blogger do not disappoint readers when writing about their “field”. Throughout the work, Hoai Sa is like an anonymous artist painting the scene of Hoang Su Phi – the “paradise of terraced fields” of the northern mountains. The terraced fields in the ripe rice season bloom with golden colors on the mountains and hills interspersed with ancient tea hills. The beautiful scenery here was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national intangible heritage in 2012. Photo: Hoang Tuan. Many times when he set foot in Hoang Su Phi, Hoai Sa contacted, lived and worked with indigenous people of many ethnic groups Dao, Nung, Tay… This contributed to creating a chronicle for the work, but still There is no shortage of the youthful experience of a young man who studied in the West, returned to his country and devoted his love to his homeland. At the beginning of the book, the reader is immediately impressed with the image of Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, from the origin, the way to improve and harvest to the method of releasing carp into the field. Under the author’s pen, that expression of labor appears vividly and quickly conquers the reader. Hoai Sa fulfills the duty of a travel blogger in bringing readers to traditional customs such as the New Rice Festival of the Dao and Nung people; or the story of making Tet cakes from the rice grains on the terraced fields. The book is like a series of color documentaries with seemingly idyllic but eye-pleasing footage, revealing in the words a majestic picture of nature, worthy of the title “terraced paradise” “. Ha Giang land is known as the cradle of Shan Tuyet tea. Not to disappoint readers, Hoai Sa is surprised when he spends many pages of his diary writing about hundreds of years old tea trees “dwelling” on Nam Pien hill. For those who love to explore history, you can read the details of the author’s record of the fake ancient tombs of King Hoang Van Thung in the border areas, along with an unbelievable story when he died. Pen signed The love story of the mountain – Horizontal and vertical Hoang Su Phi. Photo: Wings Books. In the journal, the writing style of a travel blogger is most impressive. How to do tourism is mentioned many times. With her professional experience, Hoai Sa considers community tourism as a bright spot of Hoang Su Phi in the context of mass tourism that has not yet arrived here. The word “love” also appears in the title for no reason The love story of the mountain – Horizontal and vertical Hoang Su Phi . Reading the work, readers feel the heavy love that the writer has for this land. Wok Yen – the author of the inspirational story From Dao village to Erasmus scholarship – giving praise to Hoai Sa’s autobiography: “Every word makes me feel that the author has given this land a special love, he is not just a visitor to Hoang Su Phi, Nor is he merely a journalist who writes about Hoang Su Phi (although his concise and logical writing style comes from his experience in journalism), he is the one who diligently preserves each beauty of Hoang Su Phi in his words. , and with all my heart.” Above all, whether the writing is journalistic or travelling, The love story of the mountain – Horizontal and vertical Hoang Su Phi is a must-read work not only for the “photographer” and photographers, but also for the general audience to see and better understand the “terraced paradise”.