Home Cuisine 5 specialties in Hue that make people “stand still” because of cravings

5 specialties in Hue that make people “stand still” because of cravings


These delicacies in Hue always have a special attraction, making every visitor impressed by the great taste of the dish.
This dream city is not only an attractive tourist destination, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists, but it also converges a typical culinary culture with delicious dishes in Hue.

Mussel rice Mussel rice has become a very familiar dish for every Hue citizen, a popular dish associated with the daily life of the people here. It is not known since when that mussel rice has become a typical culinary mark of Hue, just know that when coming to Hue, all visitors are impressed by the wonderful taste that this dish brings. With the main ingredient is mussels and accompanying ingredients such as deep-fried fat, fish sauce, raw vegetables, banana flowers, bean sprouts, finely chopped white taro stems, roasted peanuts… have created a dish with unforgettable taste. Bun Bo Hue As a dish that is too famous for people all over the country, Hue beef noodle soup is the culinary feature that promotes the culture and people here. A full bowl of Hue beef noodle soup includes pork legs, beef, blood, crab cakes… served with raw vegetables. All are combined with a sweet, aromatic broth that makes any gourmet nod in praise. Bun bo Hue has become a childhood dish, an unforgettable memory for every citizen here. Hue tea Besides the extremely famous savory dishes, Hue also contains extremely attractive cooling dishes, typically Hue tea. Referring to Hue tea is referring to a feature of royal cuisine that has become a cultural mark. Hue tea has many kinds of delicious tea such as: corn tea, millet tea, potato tea, bean curd, yellow wax mon tea, cotton areca tea, roasted meat filter powder… mixed with anywhere. Nem lui It is often said that to eat spring rolls properly, come to Hue. That’s right, Hue is famous for its delicious food because of its unique processing unlike anywhere else. The skewered spring rolls are the ingenuity of the chef. Each spring roll is the crystallization of the culinary culture of a capital land with unique cultural imprints. Hue cake Illustration. Hue, in addition to dishes such as vermicelli, tea, spring rolls… is also famous for cakes. Hue cake includes many delicious and attractive varieties such as ram cake, filter cake, beo cake, nam cake, wet cake…. Each type of cake contains unique flavors that make you enjoy it only once. It will also make an unforgettable impression. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, do not forget to enjoy these wonderful cakes.