Home Travel Traveling during the graduation season, Xuzhou people are enough to read this...

Traveling during the graduation season, Xuzhou people are enough to read this article…


Soul question: What kind of city is Xuzhou?

Seeing Wang Junkai’s graduation photo,The little girl was in a trance, and the graduation season had arrived for another year.

Last year, because of the epidemic, many people regretted not saying goodbye in person and ended their academic careers in a hurry;The agreed graduation trip eventually became a pity in youth!

Maybe you are about to leave Xuzhou, leaving this city from strange to familiar, from unaccustomed to deeply attached… Then how can you leave without regret?

Or those friends who are about to step into the city of Xuzhou, these places must be visited…

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Yunlong Lake

Be sure to go for a walk in the evening breeze in Yunlong Lake. The scenery is picturesque; boating on the lake is divided into water and water scenes and waterside scenes. There are 18 sceneries and sceneries facing each other, each with its own advantages. You can take pictures, picnics, and games here. 02 Yunlong Mountain Pick an afternoon to see the scenery of Yunlong Mountain. From the viewing platform, you can overlook the entire Yunlong Lake; in front of you are the sparkling water, rolling hills, and the bustling urban area of ​​Xuzhou in the distance. How can such scenery not make people feel good? 0 3 So the Yellow River Therefore, the sunset on the Yellow River is beautiful, so I have to go there once! Walking along the Yellow River at night. 0 4 Boku Book City The Boku Book City/Rutai in childhood memory is really the most beautiful scenery in the book. The indomitable bookshelves on display deeply attract the crowd, and the literary atmosphere is also very strong; order a drink and sit here for an afternoon to read, stop and enjoy the beauty in this fast-developing era. “Passing the World” says: Life is too rushed, you might as well slow down, read a few pages first, and spend a while. 0 5 Tobe Mountain Xuzhou Everbright City, there was a saying in history that “the poor North Pass, the rich South Pass, the rich live in Bushan”. Take advantage of the dim night to take a look, strolling around the night’s recirculation nest. In the night of Hubu Mountain-Moonlight Market, there is an exquisite snack, various stalls selling pets, antique calligraphy and painting, hand-made models, clothes, etc., with the taste of old Xuzhou. It is the smoke and flames in the world, most soothing the hearts of mortals. 0 6 Chinese Scenic Area Go to the Han cultural scenic spot and experience the charm of Chu and Han. The only underwater terracotta warriors and horses in the country, I am used to seeing the tall and mighty Qin terracotta warriors and horses. The Han terracotta warriors and horses here are obviously mini-versions, which are more unique. 0 7 museum A museum built on the Qianlong Palace. The imperial capital of the Nine Dynasties lives under Yunlong Mountain. Xuzhou, the birthplace of the culture of the Han Dynasty and the Han dynasty, gathers magnificently. The fastest way to learn more about the city is to visit the museum. Qianlong Palace is also particularly suitable for taking pictures of the red walls and glazed tiles. Go to Xuzhou Museum for a journey through the years! 0 8 China University of Mining Visit China University of Mining and Technology, a place like Hayao Miyazaki’s fairy tale. 09 Delicacy Go for a bowl of glutinous rice soup, eat an authentic pot chicken, and then have a bowl of mutton soup. Leave no regrets. 10 Street fireworks Sitting on the streets of Xuzhou, skewered skewers with three or five friends, drinking wine, and having crayfish. Taste the boldness and freedom of the big Xuzhou people. 11 Night market When night falls, look for fireworks, check in at the Min Phu Quoc Night Market, and enjoy the food while the daily necessities are lively; the Xingshi Community is a magical place that will give you a different surprise. 12 Xuzhou Paradise There is a dream of a princess living in a fairy tale town. Go to Xuzhou Paradise to help you complete this dream. It is still the happiest place in the world. This summer and the water park are a must, enjoy a Thai carnival at Caribbean Water World. 13 park Botanical Garden, Xieyou Lake Wetland Park, Pan’an Lake Wetland Park, Jinlong Lake Dangshan Park, Jiuli Lake Wetland Park, etc. Placepark. Come on a walk-and-go trip, take advantage of the beautiful scenery, breathe fresh air, and wash away your tired body and mind. 14 the mall Whether it’s Gemdale or Wanda, or go to Golden Eagle and then to Suning, you must go in and stroll, and you will definitely find different surprises. Standing on the top of Suning Square at night overlooking the city. 15 Wangling Road Finally, go to Wangling Road. It is an old road with stories, history and good looks. This way, raise people. Under the plane trees covering the sky, there are the ink fragrance of the school, the leisure of the coffee shop, and the art of Yunlong Park. This road is delicious. There are the braised buns hidden in the community, the earliest petty-bourgeois coffee shop, and Yuxiangzhai, the “ancient god” guarding it. Go now Let youth freeze Xuzhou So that youth does not leave regrets Soul question: What kind of city is Xuzhou? The planning of Wenting Street and Zhongshu Street is coming! Will it be demolished? People from Xuzhou, look! No. 47!China’s top 100 cities are released, see how strong Xuzhou is First break 100,000! The average salary of Jiangsu Province in 2020 has been released. What rank are you in Xuzhou’s “worker” Soul question: What kind of city is Xuzhou? Can you get rich point with You next ↓ ↓ ↓