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Trends of smart technology application in commercial building management


With the trend of developing commercial buildings in the direction of optimal environmental, social and governance, the application of technology in the development of smart commercial projects is more necessary than ever.

Smart technologies are being applied more and more in building management. Source: ngonghiepvietnam.vn This is a recommendation made by experts of Real Estate Consulting Company Savills Vietnam in a newly released study. Chris Mariott, Managing Director of Savills Southeast Asia, said: “Nowadays, thanks to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), we can access data through live cameras and sensors. Out. The data recorded in the building management system will help us to improve the management. In addition, smart technology will also proactively send notifications to management about maintenance schedules as well as potential or pending problems at the building. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence and technology will also help reduce the workload for management. In Vietnam, recently, the trend of applying technology in real estate project management is also considered as one of the solutions to improve the operational efficiency of the project. This factor contributes to making a difference to the standard of professional real estate management services, enhancing competitive value for real estate business units. According to Savills data, it is estimated that startups in the real estate technology sector attracted investment of USD 10 billion in 2016 and this number increased to USD 44 billion in 2019. These companies mainly provide technology solutions for buildings, helping to achieve high efficiency in management, reducing emissions, bringing economic benefits to investors…