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Beware of the trend of cartoon photos that are “storming” on Facebook


Facebook users are caught up in the trend of cartoon images without knowing that their images can be collected and used for other purposes.
A few days back, when accessing Facebook, many people will notice a dense appearance of posts related to cartoon images. Pay closer attention, those are the same Facebook users’ images posted under cartoon images.

These images are transformed from ordinary photos to drawings in a very soulful way. Just a few simple steps, anyone will turn themselves into a cartoon character. As a result, many Facebook users have been fascinated by this trend. Due to Voila AI Artist’s impressive photo editing capabilities, internet users are going crazy with the cartoon photo trend. According to the research of VietNamNet , to create such animated images, users have to download a photo editing app called Voilà AI Artist. According to the introduction of the development team, Voilà AI Artist is an application that combines human creativity and artificial intelligence. The aim is to turn photos into fun cartoons and create stunning masterpieces. Using Voilà AI Artist is quite simple, this application provides 4 different filter groups. Users can download and use it for free without creating an account. If you want to use the paid version with more advanced features, users will have to pay 48,000 VND/week, 87,000 VND/month or 476,000 VND/year of use. Paying will help the image processing speed faster, in addition, the returned image is not watermarked. Filters of Voila AI Artist photo editing application. Photo: Trong Dat To create animated images, users only need to upload photos to the application for the AI ​​system to automatically process. In addition to creating images in the style of Pixar cartoon characters, the application also helps turn ordinary photos into renaissance paintings or caricatures. With such attractive features, even though it has only appeared since May 31, 2021 on A, Voilà AI Artist has stormed and created a fever with more than 10 million downloads globally. . And Vietnamese users are also very quickly caught up in that new trend. In addition to creating cartoon images, Voila AI Artis can also create renaissance-style drawings. However, users should note because in addition to the rights required in normal photo editing applications such as accessing the camera, taking photos, reading content, modifying or deleting content in memory, Voilà AI Artist also requires quite a few sensitive permissions. Accordingly, one of the requirements when using Voilà AI Artist is location access, permission to run at startup, read notifications and prevent the phone from going to sleep. Voilà AI Artist is a product of Wemagine.AI. This is a company registered in the state of British Colombia (Canada). According to the developer, by downloading and installing the application, the user agrees to be bound by Voilà AI Artist’s terms and privacy policy. Users need to be careful because the policy of the Voila AI Artis developer has many absurd points. Photo: Trong Dat By accessing the application, from the first access, the user has unconditionally agreed to the terms of Voilà AI Artist and irrevocably these constraints. The application developer also reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and these changes are effective immediately without the consent of the user. In general, with photo editing applications like Voilà AI Artist, users need to be extremely vigilant about issues related to data and privacy. This is because, through the development of Voilà AI Artist, the developer can collect users’ personal images for other purposes.