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Under the three-round restriction, Hongmeng made an early appearance. Do you really understand Huawei Hongmeng?


Any great cause in history has risen in peril. In the past two years or so, restrictions have been imposed on Huawei in multiple dimensions.

The first round was to block the supply chain of finished chips, and Huawei started a full replacement of HiSilicon chip design.
In the second round of blockade of the chip foundry supply chain, Huawei started to shift from the supply chain such as TSMC.
The third round of blockade completely blocked the source of Huawei’s chips.
Under multiple rounds of restrictions, Huawei launched the “Hongmeng System” ahead of time! The advent of Hongmeng system will change Huawei’s business model of selling hardware, get rid of the business risks caused by chip blockade, and realize business continuity through Hongmeng OS.
The Huawei Hongmeng system has been online for some time. In fact, many people don’t know Hongmeng’s knowledge.
Simply put, since the development of the IT industry, software is more important than hardware. The Internet of Everything has actually begun.
Huawei will move towards Hongmeng + cloud system + Huawei cars + communication infrastructure + semiconductors + ecological products, and mobile phones will temporarily fade.
The release of Hongmeng marks a new stage in the industry! Hongmeng is not simply technological innovation. With the great historical mission of national rejuvenation, Hongmeng is responsible for the independent innovation of China’s software industry and the protection of the national social network information and data security. Hongmeng must win, and it will definitely win.
How to understand Hongmeng system?
Prior to this, Ren Zhengfei has stated his attitude that Huawei’s Hongmeng system is the system of the Internet of Things era. To put it bluntly, it is the system of the next era.
Hongmeng is not a simple mobile phone operating system, but a full-scene distributed operating system for the Internet of Everything era.
What kind of scene is “Internet of Everything”? Adapting to the distributed concept of multiple terminal forms, it can support multiple terminal devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart wearables, smart screens, and car machines. Whether it is a PAD, a PC, a smart watch, or a smart home, it can be quickly connected.
In the PC Internet era in the past, Microsoft’s Windows operation occupies an absolute dominance, and Apple’s MacOS takes the second place.

We review the history of operating system development, and we can find that once the market structure of a certain track operating system is determined, there is almost no possibility of a comeback for latecomers. But whether it is Windows or Android, they are all systems that grew up in the 3G and 4G era. With the outbreak of 5G technology, the digital process of human society will continue to develop. The next industry trend must be the intelligentization and interconnection of all devices, which is the beginning of the era of interconnection of all things. This is also the main battlefield of Huawei Hongmeng. Why does Huawei propose a 1+8+N strategy? The reason why Huawei proposes a 1+8+N strategy is mainly to respond to the changes of the times. In Huawei’s 1+8+N strategy, 1 and 8 are made by Huawei itself. 1 is a mobile phone, 8 is a tablet, PC, wearable, smart screen, AI speaker, headset, VR, car machine. N refers to ecological chain partners, such as air-conditioning intelligent robots, etc. The ultimate goal is to realize the Internet of Everything based on Huawei mobile phones. Through the collaborative innovation of the two platforms of hardware ecology and software ecology, Huawei allows users to intelligently match their needs with terminal service capabilities, so as to enjoy a smart life experience. Through 1+8+N, all hardware and applications are connected, and service scenarios are built around the needs of users anytime and anywhere. In this strategy of 1+8+N, what is the most important terminal? I think it’s still a smartphone. Many people say that smart cars will become the next terminal. For this reason, what I want to say is that smart phones are still the best terminal products in the future. Because the frequency of interaction between mobile phones and people is on the minute level, the frequency of interaction between smart watches and people through continuous consumption habits cultivation has also increased significantly. The frequency of interaction with people such as tablets, TVs, and cars is on the hour level, which is relatively relatively high. high frequency! As a super-intelligent terminal, mobile phones will inevitably become the core main entrance of the whole scene, and at the same time serve as the control center of all these products. What are the advantages of Huawei Hongmeng system? Now it is not important to discuss whether the Hongmeng system is an Android case. We have to take a long-term view and whether the Hongmeng system will become the mainstream system in the era of the Internet of Things. Chungongzi believes that the current Hongmeng system has three main advantages, as follows: Hongmeng’s advantage lies in the security of the connection. It is chip-level, with hardware-level encryption, and software-level communication encryption. It is a secure connection made with the latest industry standards. Hongmeng OS adopts a brand-new micro-kernel design with stronger security features and low latency. The micro-kernel is flexible and modular, which is also the biggest advantage of iOS over Android. Different from the “macro kernel”, the microkernel uses the same operating platform, deploys products with different hardware capabilities, and uses a distributed architecture to improve efficiency. For the user, the fluency of the mobile phone is improved, and the program code can directly optimize the hardware. The most intuitive feeling is that the hardware can give full play to all the advantages, playing games will feel lower power consumption, and the frame rate has been greatly improved. Various animation operations of the page and the operation follow-up characteristics will also be greatly improved. For Huawei, the biggest benefit is the formation of an ecosystem, the opportunity to become the next-generation mobile phone operating system, and its own ecosystem to shake the status of Android and even iOS. The micro-kernel adopted by Hongmeng is flexible and modular, which is also the biggest advantage of iOS over Android. For domestic purposes, the United States’ advantages of one soft and one hard have led to the advantage of the time and place in the chip and software, and it can dominate the crowd. The emergence of Hongmeng will shorten the software gap between China and the United States. To some extent, with Huawei’s Xianghongmeng system, we have more of the courage to say no to Android and Windows systems. The reason why many people disagree with Hongmeng is probably just based on the judgment of the current environment. If you look at it from a development perspective, it is not optimistic now, and it will be easier to overtake corners in the future. There are too many examples of technological development changing and even subverting life, so I don’t need to talk about it. in conclusion: Today, many people still complain about Huawei, saying that the rise of Huawei depends on “patriotic marketing”! If patriotic marketing is so useful, then why are so many domestic technology companies unable to reach the height of Huawei? When we look at the history of Huawei’s rise, we can see that the problem lies. Huawei has been in existence for more than 30 years and has competed with a number of technology companies in Europe and the United States in many fields and has never fallen behind. With so many technology companies in China, why did the United States choose Huawei? Because Huawei is a technology gene company, it is really doing things, and it is also driving the development of a number of industries. It is not that Huawei is patriotic in consumption, but it is true that he is the representative of China’s high-tech and has beaten the best companies in Europe and America in the competition! Isn’t such a Huawei worthy of our praise?