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The mysterious sneakers that used to be “see but not wear” are actually on the market! Release information exposed!


For deep basketball enthusiasts, when they can’t go out to play, playing a basketball game on the computer is really a better choice!

Especially popular in the world NBA 2K series In the past two years, sneaker elements have been integrated into it, so many shoe fans can’t stop.
▼ NBA 2K game that swept the world
Some time ago, there was such a pair in the latest NBA 2K21. 2K joint shoes , Properly “handsome and able to fight.”
However, there was no physical exposure for a long time, and many players sighed: Can only be “secretly cool” in the computer !
▼ Shoes that can only be “secretly cool”
Today, these “virtual” sneakers that have received much attention are finally Expose the real thing , In addition to the joint identity, there are a lot of supporting items.
bring Get out of the box first , This wave is really being pinched by the new gimmick again!

▼ Xiaobian’s real shots 01 Rare joint name In the past, it was only cool in the computer The newly unveiled joint shoes are from NBA 2K21 versus PUMA Hand in hand PUMA Court Rider 2K . As a pair of actual basketball shoes equipped with PUMA’s new cushioning system, they received extremely high praise as early as the beginning of their debut. Signed with PUMA at the age of 19 LaMelo Ball Has been the first to play in the game, and I like to mention it recently “Rookie of the Year” ! ▼ LaMelo Ball takes the lead The joint name is based on the PUMA Court Rider shoe model, adding extremely vibrant colors to the white main tone shoe body. While reflecting the sense of retro sports, it also fits the cool style of the NBA 2K series of games. The material still inherits PUMA’s consistent high specifications, the toe cap is wrapped with leather material, and the upper is made of dense fabric. The middle of the shoe body is made of leather, rubber and other materials, blue PUMA Logo Under the yellow background color, it is low-key and highlights the temperament. Large area of ​​upper part Mono gauze The combination of covering, green shoelace perforations and yellow PUMA logo is quite eye-catching. The tongues of the left and right feet are respectively oversized “2K” as well as “twenty one” The words show the joint identity.

The heel position is gray, white and Sao pink dress up , The PUMA jaguar Logo is dotted in the middle to brighten the details of the whole pair of shoes. On the insole 「2K21」Logo as well as PUMA Basketball Mascot The shape is also a symbol of joint identity. The PUMA Court Rider, officially unveiled this year, is equipped with a full sole modified for basketball shoes. Rider Form material midsole . Lightweight, cushioning, and rebound are all reasons why PUMA Court Rider is highly acclaimed. Finally, it is equipped with a rubber outsole to fully ensure wear resistance. At the same time, the vertical and horizontal uneven texture design can meet the grip requirements of different parts of the foot Excellent non-slip which performed. 02 Good looks, good foot feeling Absolutely handsome and Can hit Watching the new PUMA Court Rider 2K change from virtual network to within reach, it feels quite magical. The retro styling is matched with refreshing white and the color with a sense of gaming. It is very Suitable for feet in summer . The first feeling on the upper foot is the proper wrapping of the half palm inner boots, and the improved and adjusted tongue is also quite fit. In terms of size, I will test it by myself The size is right . Thanks to the improved Rider Foam cushioning technology in the midsole, the whole pair of shoes are both lightweight and adequate Cushioning, rebound, support effect. At the same time, the forefoot designed on the outer edge is wide enough to adapt to more foot shapes while playing the role of preventing rollover and stabilizing support. The low-cut design is quite flexible at the ankle, and it will not be procrastinated whether it is starting or stopping. The built-in stabilizer on the heel and the dynamic shoelace system can also lock the ankle, for actual combat Provide adequate protection . In addition to shoes, the PUMA x 2K joint series also includes a series Theme clothing , Covering long and short sleeve T-shirts and eye-catching 2K21 printed two-color hooded sweater. Friends who want to break the virtual barriers to wear on the Internet can prepare to dent the shape! If we want to be “handsome and able to play”, we still have to watch PUMA! 03 Be the first to launch offline Follow-up color matching has to be picky again Finally, I will bring you the details of the new PUMA Court Rider 2K! June 21 That is today, the PUMA x 2K joint series will be in Tianjin COLOUR Equatorial Road Store Limited lottery sale. Already started “PUMA x NBA 2K Contest” The finals of the competition will also start today. Those who have the conditions may wish to go to the scene to watch the game. ▼ PUMA x NBA 2K offline competition In addition to the Tianjin COLOUR store on Chifeng Road, PUMA official website, national PUMA offline stores It will also be unveiled at the same time, you can also click below Mini Program Card Get started now! In addition to the PUMA Court Rider 2K that I opened today, PUMA will soon launch more color schemes for Court Rider! In addition to rich theme color matching, summer color matching, and classic animation IP joint names, you must pay more attention! ▼ A lot of special colors