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Valentino opens the world’s first beauty flagship store


Valentino Beauty, the make-up line of Italian luxury brand Valentino (Valentino), cooperated with the international duty-free retailer International Shoppes to launch the world’s first flagship store.

The flagship store is opened in Terminal 1 of New York’s Kennedy International Airport, which is located in the beauty retail area with high passenger flow. The new space is inspired by a classic Italian palace. The combination of Valentino’s iconic pink terrazzo and black metal enlarges the body of the Voce Viva perfume bottle and the iconic silhouette of Valentino.

The 60-square-meter store showcased the visual effects of the latest Voce Viva perfume, and for the first time provided a live voice print (Voice Print) experience, allowing consumers to share their voice and the message they wish to convey. Consumers can record their voices through mobile devices and receive a QR code to share their digital voiceprints on social media.

Valentino has also opened the Voice Print experience on its official website. Users can visit the official website, first enter their name and what they want to say, and then record to get a voiceprint card (as shown below).

Valentino Beauty is one of the brands that L’Oréal deploys through travel retail channels. By the end of 2022, Valentino Beauty will open more than a dozen counters in the Americas. The flagship store opened this time is also the first global flagship store launched by Valentino’s perfume and luxury beauty business after it was transferred to the French beauty giant L’Oréal.

The official financial report shows that as of the 2018 fiscal year, L’Oréal has launched as many as 25 brands in the travel retail channel, and has an exclusive travel retail team in the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas and Europe-Middle East. Through a rich product line and flexible strategies , To meet the needs of new consumers anytime, anywhere in an extremely competitive market. At the earliest, Valentino’s perfume and luxury beauty business was produced and developed by Unilever. On August 1, 2003, Valentino transferred the business to Procter & Gamble. In 2010, Spanish beauty giant Puig became Valentino’s perfume partner. In 2018, the French beauty giant L’Oréal and Valentino jointly announced that they have signed a long-term licensing agreement. L’Oréal is responsible for the development, manufacturing and distribution of Valentino brand perfumes and luxury beauty products. In 2019, L’Oréal Group officially took over the management rights of Valentino from Puig and renamed it Valentino Beauty. At the end of 2019, L’Oréal Group launched the first Valentino perfume-Voce Viva. This floral fragrance is designed and endorsed by the American singer and composer Lady Gaga. Carlos Rosales, Regional Manager of Valentino Beauty, L’Oréal Travel Retail Americas, said, “We are very happy to cooperate with International Shoppes again under the leadership of L’Oréal to provide consumers with our latest and best products. Product portfolio. Today we are proud to unveil the luxury counter of Valentino Beauty, one of the most high-end beauty brands on the market.” L’Oréal Travel Retail’s Americas Division Manager Loriano Marrone said, “We are very pleased to launch Valentino Beauty. This is a good complement to L’Oréal Travel Retail’s strong and diversified brand portfolio. Valentino Beauty has brought a strong tradition of haute couture to unique The value proposition is combined with an immersive consumer experience. We and International Shoppes opened the world’s first flagship store in New York, the hometown of the brand ambassador Lady Gaga. Nothing is more meaningful.” About International Shoppes International Shoppes is an international duty-free retailer. It has been operating airport retail and duty-free business since 1951, and is committed to providing customers with the highest quality services and products. International Shoppes currently has duty-free shops at New York Kennedy International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport, Washington Dulles International Airport, Baltimore Thurgood Marshall International Airport, Bradley International Airport in Connecticut, and Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport. It brings together luxury fashion brands such as Saint Laurent, Bvlgari, Coach, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Mont Blanc and Salvatore Ferragamo. (Blue eyes: make the beauty news not soft)