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Ways to avoid heat for cars when stopping and parking


The hot sun shining into the car will cause damage to the interior and exterior, exposing the car to direct sunlight without precautions for a long time can cause deterioration. for serious vehicles. That’s why it’s so important to protect your car from the sun.
The weather in the North has entered a period of intense heat and car owners should note the following measures to take care of their pet to avoid damage to the car:

Park your car in a shady place, avoid direct sunlight This is considered the most effective measure that does not cost money as well as time. You should prioritize parking in basements of buildings or places with shade from trees and tall buildings. If you can’t find such a place and you must park your car in a place where the sun shines, you should pay attention to the direction of the car so that the sun shines from behind, avoid letting the sun shine directly on the driver’s glass because the windshield often has a high degree of sunlight Transparency is higher than other glass, so it will let sunlight into the car compartment causing more damage. Illustration. Lower the windows when parking in a safe place When parking in a place with good security, we can completely lower the car glass 1-2cm so that the wind can circulate into the car and blow away the hot air in the car and partly help the car. hotter. Paste the insulation film for the car There are many different types of insulation films on the market today. Insulating film blocks more than 80% of the heat from sunlight penetrating the glass, cooling faster, saving fuel for the vehicle and reducing the load on the air conditioning system. 99% of ultraviolet rays are also prevented from entering the car, causing damage to the interior as well as affecting the passengers in the car. Use sunscreen On luxury cars, there are often curtains on the doors, when parking, you should pull up the curtains to avoid the sun shining into the car, on cars that are not equipped or the windshield of the car we can buy additional visors. Reflective sun to shield at the window and windshield positions. In the case of parking in the sun without reflective visors, you can completely use cardboard sheets for temporary shielding. Use tarpaulin to shade the car This is a pretty effective accessory to be able to protect the car from the sun. On the market today, there are many different materials and prices, you should choose the tarpaulin with good reflective quality to be able to protect your car in the best way. Use a dedicated umbrella to shade the car This accessory is also quite effective, but because the installation and disassembly is quite complicated and time-consuming, it is rarely used by the brothers. Start the car a few minutes before departure Before you get in the car and start, you should open all the car doors so that the wind can push in all the hot air from the inside of the car, then start the car and close the door. On new cars today are often equipped with a remote start system, before getting in the car you can start the engine by pressing the button on the key first and wait for 3-5 minutes for the air conditioning system to work. cools the car and then you can comfortably get in the car.