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‘Uncover’ 3 ‘best’ whitening sunscreens today


The demand for beauty and the trend of choosing cosmetics with many uses are starting to be more interested by women.
For that reason, whitening sunscreen products are always warmly welcomed by beauty believers.

Not only blocking the sun against aging and darkening, but the skin care ingredients with new ingredient formulas will help improve pigmentation and nourish visibly brighter skin. Together with the skin experts of the cosmetic supermarket chain AB Beauty World, take attendance and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the best whitening sunscreens available today. Anessa Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel Anessa has been known as a national sunscreen brand in Japan for the past 17 years. Not only with a high sun protection index, Anessa is also scored when it can be used as an effective makeup primer, waterproof skin care. For this whitening sunscreen gel product line, the company has added m-Tranexamic Acid to help the skin be optimally protected, whiten, prevent melanin formation, reduce dark spots and freckles, for smooth white skin. , nature. Anessa whitening sunscreen. Product Features: Lightweight, fast-absorbing gel texture High sun protection index SPF50+, PA++++ · Slightly lifting tone and quite plump finish căng · Waterproof Good whitening and moisturizing dưỡng Drawbacks: · Fragrance products (scents from oranges, tangerines) The glossy finish layer is not suitable for oily skin High SPF but not long lasting, so reapply after 2 hours to make sure. Anessa Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel with the current price, it is difficult for everyone to experience it. Especially with the gel texture that retains water to create shine, the product is completely suitable for those with drier skin. Although it is not too moisturizing, those with oily skin should consider this product. L’Oreal Paris UV Defender SPF 50+ PA++++ – Light and smooth sunscreen protects skin against aging A new sunscreen “rookie” of L’Oreal Paris has just been released but has received a lot of attention from skin-care believers. This is also the first sunscreen product with a combination of the so-called super anti-aging ingredient – Niacinamide “gold” essence. L’Roreal’s sought-after sunscreen. This product has been tested for its anti-aging power and evens skin tone, reducing dark spots by up to 91% after 4 weeks of use. Especially after 6 months of using the product, the skin becomes younger than 5 years old. This information was announced by the company through experiments on 55 women from Asia. Take a look at her ingredient list to understand more why UV Defender is so interested? L’Oreal Paris UV Defender SPF 50+ PA++++ combines technology and ingredients to make the protection 3 times stronger: SPF 50+: protects against 98% of UVB rays PA++++ long UVA: blocks 95% of UVA rays Niacinamide: Anti-aging (black pigmentation, dark spots, dull skin) The appearance of Niacinamide essence as a 3rd layer of defense increases immunity and powerful antioxidant. Niacinamide acts as an antioxidant to help repair damage caused by the sun. Special points: ・Instant light lifting · Light texture, quickly absorbed without leaving white streaks Especially oil-proof, water-resistant, anti-drift up to 8 hours. · Ready to go out as soon as the product is applied. The new combination of technology and ingredients along with a reasonable price has helped UV Defender SPF 50+ PA++++ long UVA win the hearts of the skin-care world. A sunscreen product that integrates the best skin care ingredients will be worth the experience. Senka White Beauty Serum in CC Senka is known as a popular cosmetic brand in Japan, bringing quality experiences to customers at extremely affordable prices. Senka White Beauty Serum in CC 3 in 1 not only protects the skin but also whitens it, but also helps to light makeup. Senka sunscreen helps to whiten and pink skin. The product belongs to the brand’s pink and white skin care line. In particular, the company brings a very new concept of sunscreen serum, but the fact is that the cream of this product is also opaque like regular sunscreens, with a light pink color and a slightly strong smell. The product also has m-Tranexamic Acid to help inhibit melanin and whiten skin. After summarizing, Senka sunscreen has the following highlights: High sun protection index SPF 50+ and PA++++ Reduce dark spots, dark spots and freckles on the skin. · Can be used as a makeup base. Helps to lighten skin tone, even skin tone. · Conceals imperfections and pores. · Nourish white skin. However, the product has a few minus points because it contains alcohol and fragrances that are quite strong, the tone is quite high. Those with sensitive skin and dark skin should consider when using The product is okay, but those with normal skin can use it carefree because the cream is quite pleasant and the packaging is also pretty and eye-catching. Through the above analysis, we can see that almost all products of the brands are used for all skin types. However, not all products are suitable for your skin. To properly care for the skin, we should consider and choose the appropriate product according to the condition that the skin is experiencing. Using the right and appropriate products will bring maximum effectiveness, as well as improve skin problems at the present time.