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Wearing lace-up jeans with holes, pretty girls showing off their ‘tight features’ cause panic bấ


Jeans are one of the most popular outfits, constantly being created, changed to become new. However, the newly released model of lace-up jeans showing off the ‘stretchy’ body received many conflicting controversies.

Jeans are one of the most popular outfits. To create something new, torn or stylized pants are constantly being born to please women. However, sometimes the excessive creativity of both the designer and the wearer makes the pants a fashion disaster and the lace-up jeans are an example. Recently, the Dailystar site posted a picture of the model in the latest lace-up jeans. The design of the pants is not much different from the traditional jeans. The highlight of the pants is the tiny string tied at the back. This detail helps the wearer attract the eye, focusing on the slim waist without excess fat. Before the new model of pants, fashion lovers did not spare praise for the tight-fitting pants that “fit like a glove”, showing off their “tight features” every centimeter. However, many people feel confused by the inconvenience as well as the way the model sells nude to show the highlight of the pants. This is not the first time there are jeans that make others look “in a panic”. Creativity is necessary, but being too creative can easily make pants labeled a fashion disaster. For example, open jeans like this make the girlfriend wear it like nothing, completely not providing a shielding effect. Torn jeans are called fashion disasters most of all. Wearing pants like this, instead of being praised for being cool, she was mercilessly “stoned” by netizens. In addition to the revealing design, the low-rise jeans showing off the T-shaped underwear were also not appreciated. The jeans that are too short, unable to cover the 3rd round have also received many bricks and stones, making the wearer seriously less charming. It can be said that jeans are not difficult to wear. However, wearing pants that do not limit the gap easily makes you unsightly in the eyes of the viewer. Photo: Internet. Invite readers to watch the video: Fashion show of oversized people. Source: VTV24.