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What auras mean that there may be a problem with the liver, and when should I go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible?


The liver is the largest solid organ in our body and the organ with the most complex functions. The liver “work” is very busy every day, and its main functions include:

1) Metabolism and synthesis of various nutrients (including protein, sugar and lipid);

2) Detoxification of wastes and toxins from various internal and external sources;

3) Synthesize and secrete 800-1000ml bile every day;

4) Synthesize coagulation factors and enzymes, participate in immunity and regulate blood volume, etc.;

Liver function is very complicated and important

At the same time, the liver is a relatively “silent” organ. There are often no symptoms in the early stage of the disease. Once symptoms appear, they often reach the late stage of the disease. Then, is there no way to find the clues of liver disease early?

1. Liver disease is still the focus of prevention!

Hepatitis virus infection, long-term heavy drinking, abuse of drugs and health care products, overtime and staying up late, irregular diet, food and water pollution, inappropriate dieting and weight loss, etc. all make the liver bear a huge load every day. If you don’t start from these aspects , Then the prevention and early detection of liver disease is empty talk.

Hepatitis virus includes acute and chronic

my country began to vaccinate newborns with hepatitis B vaccine in 1992. After 1996, all localities gradually included hepatitis B vaccine in the immunization program management but at their own expense. In 2002, the country began to vaccinate newborns with hepatitis B vaccine free of charge. It has been more than 20 years since this initiative has been adopted. , my country’s adolescent hepatitis B infection rate has dropped below 1%. Chronic hepatitis C virus infection is now also available with good drugs, which can completely eliminate the virus and be cured. What about other factors that cause liver damage? In addition to our inability to change our genetics and living environment, reducing the incidence of liver disease can start from improving our lifestyle!

Hepatitis B vaccine reduces hepatitis B virus transmission

2. What are the signs of the liver calling for help?

Symptom 1, loss of appetite, greasiness, fatigue

The staple food we eat every day (rice and noodles, the main ingredient is starch), protein (meat, eggs, milk, soy products, etc.) and fat (animal fat and vegetable oil) must be broken down and absorbed in the intestines, and then synthesized in the liver And reuse, three meals a day cannot be separated from the liver, and the liver is actually working hard 24 hours a day.

Loss of appetite

If the metabolism and synthesis of the liver are affected, it will inevitably affect our digestive ability, especially the metabolism of fatty foods. This is why liver disease is prone to greasy symptoms. Once the symptoms of appeal occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital for liver treatment as soon as possible. Function related checks.

Dietary choices

Symptom 2: Bleeding gums, skin purpura, or bleeding from wounds is not easy to stop

Almost all substances involved in the coagulation process, including coagulation factors II, VII, IX, X, fibrinogen, etc., are synthesized in the liver. Therefore, once the liver function is severely damaged, coagulation dysfunction may occur, which means easy Bleeding does not stop; in addition, liver cirrhosis will lead to portal hypertension, splenomegaly and hypersplenism, thrombocytopenia, spontaneous bleeding and bleeding is not easy to coagulate.

Bleeding gums

The sites that are prone to bleeding include gums, nosebleeds, and subcutaneous mucosal bleeding points. Once this happens, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examinations including platelet, coagulation function, and liver function as soon as possible.

Liver function test

Sign 3: Skin telangiectasia, acne or skin infection

The liver has a strong detoxification function, and also has a certain immune function. When the liver function is impaired, the body’s endogenous metabolic wastes, including certain hormones, vasodilators, etc., will accumulate in the blood, which is easy to be on the face and front. There is telangiectasia in the skin of the chest and neck, which is medically called “spider nevi”. If the thenar and small thenar redness of the palm of the hand is called “liver palm”, of course, this phenomenon is not just It only appears when there is liver disease.

Subcutaneous bleeding

The corpus luteum hormone in the human body regulates the secretion of sebaceous glands. If liver function is abnormal, the metabolism of corpus luteum hormone will increase the secretion of sebaceous glands and easily cause acne. In addition, due to the decline of immune function, infection is also prone to occur.

Liver cirrhosis

Therefore, if the above-mentioned manifestations occur, it is also recommended to go to the hospital for liver function examination as soon as possible, and liver ultrasound examination is also required.

Symptom 4: dull complexion, jaundice, blackening

The accumulation of toxins caused by liver metabolism disorders is the main reason for the dull complexion of patients with liver disease; in addition, the liver is the main place for bile synthesis, metabolism and excretion. The normal liver secretes 600-1000ml bile every day, and the important component in bile-bilirubin, 85% of the rate comes from the decomposition of aging red blood cells, and a series of important physiological metabolic processes such as the uptake, binding, transport, and excretion of bilirubin are completed in the liver. If the metabolism of bilirubin is abnormal, jaundice will occur, which is also a cause of liver disease. One of the important manifestations.


People who drink for a long time usually look poor. The reason is that alcoholic liver disease seriously affects the metabolism and detoxification function of the liver. At the same time, drinking alcohol can also lead to malnutrition, especially the lack of vitamins and trace elements. It is also prone to anemia and bad breath. In severe cases, it is just like the smell of rotten apples. Only by quitting alcohol in time can improve liver function.

Alcoholic liver disease

Once the above signs appear, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a liver function test as soon as possible, focusing on checking bilirubin, blood ammonia, and coagulation function.

3. How to maintain the liver?

Since the liver is so important, it is necessary to learn to nourish and protect the liver in daily life.

1. Balanced nutrition, reasonable collocation, and stay away from food that hurts the liver

In principle, if we want to get a good body, whether it is a normal person or a liver disease patient, we should pay attention to the reasonable combination of diet and nutritional balance. Similarly, the liver also needs to be given enough nutrition and energy every day, including staple food, fat, protein, vitamins, trace elements, etc., so that it can continue to work for us. It is recommended to eat more fresh food and increase the types of food, especially green leafy vegetables, fruits, high-quality meat, fine rice noodles, etc., pay special attention to eating less over-processed (smoked, pickled, sauced, roasted, fried), which contains too much irritation ( Spicy, sour, over-salty, overheated, over-gassing) food, reduce the harm caused by food additives.

Excessive eating is a disease of modern people

It should be noted that adequate energy and nutrients do not mean excessive eating. As the saying goes, “things must be reversed.” Excessive staple food and fat in the diet will not only increase the metabolic burden of the liver and other organs, but also excessive calories will cause fat in the body. Accumulation, the same excess protein will also be converted into fat in the body, and metabolic complications such as fatty liver and hyperlipidemia will occur in the long term. In severe cases, liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer may occur.

A balanced diet is king

2. Strictly abstain from alcohol

Alcohol is not an essential nutrient for the human body. Alcohol needs to be metabolized and transformed in the liver after entering the body. The total amount of alcohol metabolized by the liver every day is very limited. Long-term drinking or a large amount of drinking will bring a serious burden to the liver, which is manifested as acute liver. Injury or chronic alcoholic liver disease. Many people claim to have a lot of alcohol. In fact, a large amount of alcohol does not mean that the liver is not damaged. The difference between the amount of alcohol is only the difference between the level of enzyme activity in the liver and the difference between the speed of metabolism. The damage of alcohol to the liver is not related to the amount of alcohol, as long as you drink alcohol. , It will definitely hurt the liver.

It’s never too late to stop drinking

Some special populations, such as “hepatitis B virus carriers”, should stay away from alcohol. If they drink a lot of alcohol for a long time under the condition of hepatitis B virus infection, it will be worse, making the already fragile liver more likely to get sick. A large proportion of patients with cirrhosis and liver cancer are chronic hepatitis B combined with long-term alcohol consumption.

3. Combination of work and rest, proper rest

Maintaining good mental and life behaviors is very important for liver health. Avoid sitting more, staying up late, staying up late, and having all-night entertainment. It is recommended to adhere to physical exercise and choose appropriate sports according to your physical fitness, such as jogging, playing table tennis, badminton, etc. For swimming and other sports, it is recommended to participate in moderate-intensity sports activities for 30 to 45 minutes every day.

Aerobic exercise

It is not recommended to start exercising immediately after a meal, because the blood in the body after a meal will concentrate in the digestive tract to participate in the digestion and absorption of food. Excessive exercise at this time will reduce the blood flow of the digestive tract including the liver, and the normal metabolic process in the body will be affected. , It is also not conducive to the normal operation of liver function, especially for people with liver disease, it is recommended to rest at least 10-30 minutes after a meal before starting other things.

Work and rest

4. Regular physical examination :

With the increase in age, people over the age of 40 should have a physical examination at least once a year, including liver function, abdominal ultrasound and other examinations. For people with hepatitis B infection, long-term drinking, smoking, obesity, diabetes or a family history of liver disease, every six months It is necessary to have a physical examination, especially to screen for indicators related to liver tumors, and strive to find possible lesions in the body as soon as possible.

Regular physical examination

to sum up

my country is a big country with liver disease. There are hundreds of millions of people including viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disease, and fatty liver. Liver disease seriously affects the health of the people. It is not easy to detect and diagnose liver disease at an early stage. Everyone needs to be in daily life. Pay attention to the health of the liver, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and have regular physical examinations. Once the signs appear in the text, go to the hospital in time.