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What kind of face can hold short hair? Looking at Hong Kong stars at their peak, Brigitte Lin is also not in the top three!


Speaking of beauty, usually everyone thinks of high heels with red lips and long hair, and the body curve is S, just like the big sister of the three sisters, it is best to have big waves

To be more specific and lively, it is probably Dilraba’s, with thick eyebrows, big eyes, well-defined features, and delicate writing from head to toe. Almost all female stars who can be called beautiful women in the entertainment industry take this path.

It wasn’t until Gao Junxi was born one day that the public realized that short hair can also be a kind of beauty. It’s not the tomboy we used to think, the girl who pretends to be cool, but the beauty that really makes people feel beautiful.

At that time, there was a short hair style on the Internet. Many good-looking girls tried short haircuts of this length in Gao Junxi, so that everyone could see more beautiful possibilities. But in fact, the real short-haired beauty depends on the heyday of the Hong Kong entertainment industry. Those female stars in Hong Kong are really prettier than each other. Wang Haoer should be one of the female stars with the most beautiful voice. Everyone thinks she is so beautiful that she can’t do without her thick long hair. It is true. Wang Hao’er with short haircut looks like another person, with proper aristocratic temperament and style, but obviously not that good-looking. It depends on Yuan Jieying to maximize the handsomeness and beauty. She is called “the goddess of the most beautiful short hair”, and her bones are really good, with sharp edges and corners. She occupies the prominent cheekbones and square mandibular angles that everyone hates, but they blend perfectly and make people impeccable. If it is relatively flat, there will be no such effect. This face is neither weak nor sturdy. She has a feeling of youth, which can be played in a playful and sweet way. It’s almost a perfect face. You can get a set of bangs on your back. age-img”> Chen Farong gives people a very intellectual feeling, but when she was young, she was actually sexy and youthful. Her eyes and lips are of the more charming kind, and it is easy for people to sink in at a glance, but because she usually wrinkles her eyebrows when she looks at people, and her eyelids are a little sunken, it will give people a kind of grace. The pitiful feeling immediately offset the charm, leaving only purity. Originally, the facial lines are obvious, the nose is also very strong, and the hair is very handsome by combing the back. As a result, the eyes are broken in a second, and they will not be really handsome, and the problem of excessive force and oiliness will also be avoided. Brigitte Lin’s beauty does not require words to describe her. She is a top beauty in women’s clothing, and she can be fake and real in men’s clothing. This kind of youthfulness and heroic spirit are not found in many male stars. Not only is he handsome, he is also very expensive, with a suit and bow tie on his body, just like a noble son of the old age. Such an image should have been able to enshrine the gods, but because she was too handsome and failed to integrate the beauty of men and women, she could only rank third in the ranks of short-haired beauties. Zhang Keyi is the realistic version of Gao Junxi, with small and delicate features and bright eyes, especially the feeling of a Japanese manga boy. But because there is a sense of weakness on the body, and the smile is bad and sweet, it is especially suitable for the beautiful and self-knowing beauty role, and a random look can confuse a group of people. Gigi Leung has thick eyebrows, big eyes, clean and fresh, and short hair is very Japanese. The difference with Zhang Keyi is that the five senses are heavier, the eyes are big, and the face is full. It is too fresh to laugh. It can’t be soft and sweet at all, and it won’t look bad no matter how you laugh, so you have a very first love. The kind that eats all men and women. Yu Qianwen may not be as famous as the previous ones, and some netizens don’t understand it very well, but low reputation does not mean that she has a low appearance. Yu Qianwen’s face is really better than the previous ones. Wild eyebrows and fox eyes. Hair style is very fashionable now. Although the nose is collapsed, it looks relatively young and makes her look younger. Not so wild anymore. Anita Yuan’s male head is so beautiful that she has been in a newspaper, and of course she can’t be missed when it comes to short hair. Maybe when everyone sees the name Anita Yuan, what she thinks of is her shoulder-length hair, but in fact, when she is cut to the length of a boy’s head, she is the most agile and best-looking. She was so tender that she could pinch water, and there was a sense of stubbornness between her eyebrows and eyes. The proper configuration of the heroine of the movie made people feel distressed and liked when she saw it, and she wanted to pick her all the stars in the sky. So she said that it was Zhang Zhilin’s blessing to give her a package, which was really true. Seeing that the previous Hong Kong stars can hold whatever style they can hold, they can switch between long and short hair arbitrarily, and each has its own merits. I really feel that the current female celebrities are a little weaker. Except for a few first-line ones, other people’s styles are uniformly equipped with air bangs, shawls hanging down and long hair or small fresh ponytail heads, without distinctive personality characteristics, even their faces appear to come from the same house, it is really not Know who looks better.