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When you go out in the winter, you must bring a used battery with you. I only found out today!


Although many electronic devices now have their own charging function, the battery is still a must-have daily necessities for every household, such as the remote control, wall clock, and small toys at home. How do you deal with used batteries? If littered, it will pollute the environment. In fact, used batteries have many magical uses in our lives, which can help us solve many problems in our lives. Today, I will teach you the three magical uses of used batteries. Let’s learn from me!

Magic 1: Make the scissors sharp

The scissors at home will become dull when used frequently, and will not be sharp at all when used to cut things. At this time, we only need to cut the outer skin of the battery with scissors, and the scissors will become sharp immediately.

Coup 2: Use it as a mobile phone touch screen pen

The weather in winter is too cold. Many people wear gloves, but what should I do if they can’t play with their mobile phones while wearing gloves? Because ordinary gloves cannot touch the touch screen of the mobile phone, we can use the waste battery as the touch screen pen of the mobile phone at this time. It is very flexible to tap the mobile phone screen with the negative electrode of the battery. Is it very practical?

Coup 3: Remove static electricity from clothes

Dry weather in winter is easy to generate static electricity, especially when we go out and touch metal door handles, we are often “electrically charged”. Although this static electricity does not harm the human body, it sometimes hurts not to pay attention. Moreover, when we put on and take off our clothes, static electricity is easily generated on our clothes. At this time, the battery can play a role. When you go out in winter, rub the positive electrode of the battery a few times on your clothes or touch the door handle to remove static electricity. Isn’t it practical?So we must carry a used battery on our body

After reading the three magical life uses of used batteries, they are simple and practical to make your life more convenient. Have you learned it? Try it now!