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Why do you want to advertise for me if you can’t afford luxury goods?


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Recently, a Weibo has aroused heated discussion. Netizens who did not buy video advertising members made a self-deprecating voice in the face of 90-second-long advertisements: “I can’t even afford members. What’s the use of showing these advertisements to me? It should be shown to those who can afford it.”

As soon as this remark came out, many netizens enthusiastically agreed. The so-called “customized placement” advertisements on video websites, Moments ads and various apps are somewhat confusing, and I can’t help but ask, “I can’t afford it / won’t buy it. Why do you recommend this to me?”


18K gold paper clip,

What did I buy for?

In the first two weeks, Hermès released a series of design drawings of a series of fruit and vegetable platinum bags (Birkin bags) on the brand’s official Instagram account:

These vegetable and fruit bags are designed by artist Ben Denzer and are platinum bags of asparagus, cabbage, cucumber, apple and banana. Of course, the official quickly explained that this is the designer’s second creation of the classic platinum bag design. It is all made with real fruits and vegetables and will not be used in real design and production.

Although they understand the designer’s ingenuity and painstaking efforts, netizens still expressed their inability to appreciate it, and jokingly asked the designer “Say goodbye to the luxury design world quickly.”

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There seems to be an insurmountable gap between luxury design and the aesthetics of the general public, and the two sides often fail to reach a consensus on some products. In the first two months, Twitter also launched a “luxury complaint” activity, foreign home office, Netizens who are idle and bored have posted the most outrageous luxury items they have seen while surfing the Internet. .

It was originally shared by a netizen from Nordstrom Of a diamond chair decoration , You can add a chain to carry it on your shoulder or carry it on your hand. The tweeter said: “My interest is to find outrageous products on Nordstrom’s website. This may be the most outrageous one I have found.”

Subsequently, the netizens in the comments also found that the product evaluation on the right “Every penny is worth it” And under the product “Only one left” Make this picture even more funny.

Thus, a “outrageous luxury” battle began.A netizen shared a piece Price of 100 US dollars (about 640 yuan) stone . What’s even more outrageous is that this netizen does have a piece, and the bottom piece of reply is asking “why” inexplicably.

and also A brick from Supreme, priced at US$300 (approximately 1900 RMB) . Netizen: “This brick is very useful, for example, it can be used to shoot yourself to death-when you find yourself buying a brick for $300”, “Hang it on the idle fish and sell it, and say it can kill vampires or something” .

Nordstrom also has a trick: Bicycle lock necklace priced at US$845 (about 5400 RMB) . Some netizens said that this is no different from the jewelry made by their daughter’s handicraft class, and some netizens commented unscrupulously: “How wonderful, so that you can lock yourself in a place at any time, so no one will steal you.”

The same stylish design is the one recommended by the Facebook page every day Ski goggles priced at US$925 (approximately RMB 5,900) . Netizens commented: “Yes, blind everyone on your skiing road.”

The aesthetic crit is yet to come: a Broccoli handbag priced at US$1,395 (approximately RMB 8,900) . Although this price is not a big deal, its design and workmanship shocked all the netizens present. If it weren’t for a big fan of broccoli, it would be hard to imagine anyone who would spend a lot of money to buy such a handbag.

What’s even more incredible is Tiffany sells 1100 US dollars (about 7000 yuan) canned food and 1500 US dollars (about 9600 yuan) paperclip bookmark . If the paperclip bookmark is to pretend to inadvertently reveal one’s cultural literacy and strong financial resources while taking out the book, it is hard to imagine the specific use scene of the silver can of thousands of dollars.

Tiffany’s also exaggerated a sterling silver yarn ball priced at 9,500 US dollars (about 60,000 yuan). Netizen: “A cute cat that is unique in the world is worth it, but it is estimated that cats will not like playing silver thread balls.”

The puzzling netizens can only comfort themselves: “Maybe the rich will need to use this to weave something.”


Can’t afford it and won’t buy it,

Why push me ads?

In fact, this is not the first time that the issue of luxury advertising has been raised. Some netizens also gave the answer intimately:

The meaning of luxury is not to bring enjoyment when used, its more important role is to form a distinction between classes. What it provides is a sense of spiritual satisfaction, not the use value of commodities as daily necessities.

therefore, Everyone will become an audience for luxury promotion:

For real consumer groups, luxury goods mean taste, aesthetics, identity and wealth status. They identify each other among people of the same class through luxury consumption and complete social interaction.

But at the same time, if the world is full of rich people, then “rich people” will no longer exist; if the world can afford luxury goods, then luxury goods will no longer be “luxury”. There must always be such “luxury atmosphere groups” , Both recognizable and unable to afford luxury goods, this kind of “envious, jealous and hate” contributes to the meaning of luxury goods.

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The Israeli biologist Zahavi once proposed a hypothesis called the “handicap principle” ,That is to say, if a creature retains some flashy, useless, or even useless characteristics, it actually means that it is powerful enough to fully afford the trouble caused by such characteristics.

This “cumbersome principle” also makes sense when it comes to luxury consumption. If a person has enough money and spare time to buy expensive clothes that are difficult to take care of, incredible decorations, flashy daily necessities, then exactly one message is revealed: This person is rich enough to afford these things of little use value.

It is very enviable.

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To put it another way, when we don’t understand what luxury design is “At the time, perhaps it just shows that we are not the audience of this product. What we have to do is to become an atmosphere group that understands but can’t afford it, and exaggerates the temperament of luxury products that can be viewed from a distance but not playable.

As for the real audience, buyers will naturally spend a lot of money for “innovative design”, “unique shape”, “showing taste” and other reasons.

Luxury is like this: if you have money and leisure, you can buy it if you want to buy it; if you really want it, it’s not ashamed to work hard to make money; if you don’t appreciate it, there will naturally be something more suitable for you waiting for you in the world.

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