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The cat model ‘stormed’ at the Chinese auto show


Maomao the cat became a car advertising model in China to attract female customers.
A 2-year-old cat named Maomao in Chongqing City is “storming” on Chinese social networks because of his professionalism in the role of a car advertising model at many large and small exhibitions. Accordingly, each Maomao modeling session costs from 5,000 to 10,000 yuan ($780 to $1,560).

Maomao is no ordinary cat because he can make money with his talent as a model at car shows in China. Like other professional models, before going on the catwalk, Maomao is also carefully made-up, wearing gorgeous and eye-catching costumes. During the shift, which lasts about two hours, Maomao can sit still in the car or lie motionless on the bonnet. Customers can freely interact with Maomao to pose for photos, record videos and even livestream. Mr. Zheng Zhi, Maomao’s owner who works in the field of car advertising, said Maomao started working as a car advertising model half a year ago. “Dogs and cats can completely become car advertising models to attract visitors. Usually, female models are hired to attract male clients. This is not fair to women. What will they have to see other than cars at the shows? Therefore, I think Maomao can be the solution for female customers. Maomao has become famous and received a lot of positive feedback,” said Mr. Zheng. Before entering the modeling business, Mr. Zheng trained Maomao in a number of skills. In addition, Maomao is very friendly by nature and has never bitten or scratched people, so he can get along with customers visiting auto shows. Mr. Zheng also plans to help people who follow his personal page turn the dogs and cats into advertising models, thereby bringing an income to the owners and joy for the animals themselves.