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You go to a scenic spot, but these young people are picking up rubbish


In the recent May Day holiday, a piece of news citedThere was a wide-ranging discussion: Sichuan Ya’an Da Wagenzha Scenic Spot issued a notice on the Internet, looking for two tourists who helped pick up rubbish in the scenic spot.

After a lot of effort, two tourists from Chengdu were found. They told the media, “Seeing that the staff are working hard, just help.”

butThe scenic area still decided to provide rewards for these two tourists to show thank,The scenic spot stated that the two tourists themselves and all their family members on their household registration books can enjoy the Dawa Gengza scenic spot for free for life.

In fact, these two tourists picking up rubbish in the scenic spot are not alone. You can find young people picking up rubbish in scenic areas and outdoor places. Some of them even formed charity organizations,Regularly organize garbage collection activities on a large scale.

So, who are these young people? Why do they pick up rubbish in the scenic area?

Huanglou Village is located in Shanghai and is a wild land suitable for camping. As the camping lifestyle becomes more and more popular, Huanglou Village has recently become a new Internet celebrity on Xiaohongshu.

“There are actually very few places suitable for camping in Shanghai. It is not easy to find a wild green area.” Ya Ya told us that she had picked up garbage seven or eight times in Huanglou Village.

The idea of ​​picking up rubbish was in a camping activity. Duck and her friends found piles of beer bottles and plastic products in the rivers, banks and woods of Huanglou Village. There was another one tangled in fishing nets nearby. As for the dead egrets, they felt distressed by the sight in front of them, and immediately decided to temporarily abandon camping and pick up trash instead.

“(In Huanglou Village) the most time we picked up three baskets of trash. There was another Second, we found dozens of cigarette boxes, dozens of bait packages, and a dozen water bottles within a straight line of 50 meters.Said Ya Ya.Said Ya Ya.

Garbage picked up in Huanglou Village, picture provided by Ya Ya

The experience of many young people is similar to that of Duck Duck. They were not environmental protection volunteers at first, but accidentally found that there was an astonishing amount of rubbish in their favorite scenic area, so they started their first rubbish picking activity.

A green onion owns a car in 2020 and starts to travel around Ningbo frequently.

Dongpan Mountain in Beilun, This is a spring onion’s favorite mountain in Ningbo,Known as Ningbo’s “Little Wugong Mountain”, the scenery is beautiful, and you can enjoy the jungle, tea plantations, canyons and other landscapes. In May of last year, a green onion and a few close friends picked up a few large bags of garbage here.

At first, a green onion just regarded picking up rubbish as an “incidental” thing, but after posting it in the circle of friends, seeing that everyone was more interested, he gradually became serious.

“I publicly fundraise in the circle of friends. Everyone has the money to pay and buy some garbage picking tools, clips, gloves, garbage bags, etc., and buy drinks if they have more.”

Garbage on the mountain, picture courtesy of a green onion

Searching for previous reports in the news media, we can also see many such “wild litter pickers”:

“A man in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, used his vacation time to pick up rubbish in the mountains. He persisted for five and a half years and picked up more than 40,000 waste bottles. All the money for selling the waste has been donated. He said that on average he has to walk 10 kilometers each time and pick up more than 30 catties of rubbish. Out of the mountain.” (Sanlian Life Weekly)

“The hotel owner organized a volunteer team to go up the mountain every month to pick up trash, and insisted on it for 3 years without any hindrance. She said that when she and her friends came to climb the mountain in 2017, the messy environment of Qipanshan was rejected by her friends. Since then, she has determined to do this. Now her volunteer team is getting stronger and stronger.” (Sanlian Life Weekly)

As there are more and more non-governmental wild volunteers, many people meet to act together so that they can pick up rubbish more efficiently.

In March this year, a green onion organized a collective garbage collection activity in Dongpanshan. There were 17 participants, most of whom met for the first time. In the end, the team collected more than 20 bags of garbage.

“Because it is on the mountain, you need to take the garbage down the mountain with your bare hands, and the road is relatively long, I can only say that it is very limited.” Although the event was a success, a green onion was regretful that they could not bring more garbage down the mountain.

Young man picking up trash on the mountain road, pictured by a green onionprovide

In our interviews, many volunteers mentioned that there is too much rubbish and it is difficult to take away from the scenic spot.

Summer Q worked in Altaihe Mu Village in Xinjiang last year. He often went for a walk in the forest over there and picked up rubbish.

“There is so much (garbage). It is more difficult to pick it up every time you walk in the forest. The most time we pick up a snakeskin bag alone, because there are so many empty wine bottles, they are very heavy, and you can’t hold them anymore. , After all, it’s mountain climbing.”

According to her recollection, where she picked up rubbish, the rubbish was “too much to find a forklift to follow”.

A whole snakeskin bag of garbage, image courtesy of Summer Qprovide

Common tools for picking up garbage are: gloves, garbage bags, long-handled pliers, and trailers. However, picking up garbage is not as simple as just picking up the garbage and throwing it into the garbage bag.

“It’s difficult to handle large garbage. The angular garbage is easy to puncture the garbage bags, and the forest is easy to be bitten by insects. If you can’t pick up so many garbage bags, you need to sort the garbage and so on.”

Ya Ya shared with us the difficulties she encountered in picking up trash, but compared with that, what made her even more angry is that, While they are picking up rubbish, the people next to them are making rubbish , “Very helpless, as if caught in an endless loop.”

Over time, these rubbish-picking volunteers came up with a set of empirical theory of rubbish-picking, “When you settle down, look around clearly and don’t press your feet too heavily. Beware of small, hidden, but lethal things like broken glass and bamboo sticks.” Hidden weapon’.” Senqian Cai Jianlu also reminded those who wanted to participate in garbage picking activities.

Behind more and more young people picking up rubbish in scenic spots is the worrisome situation of rubbish disposal in scenic spots.

“There are a lot of non-degradable packaging bags for sweets and snacks on Cangshan Mountain, and many villages at the foot of the mountain, there are also garbage that was buried with soil in the past. The garbage is non-degradable, and the amount is large. You must find a professional car to transport it away. “Gu Jie told us that she had picked up rubbish near the Potala Palace in Tibet and Cangshan in Yunnan. On the time in Cangshan, she and her friend each brought two large bags of rubbish down the mountain.

It is not news that rubbish surrounds the scenic area. After almost every peak tourist season, leaving tourists always leave a large number of rubbish in the local area that they do not want to take away.

One day during the National Day holiday, West Lake can clean up 40 tons of garbage, while Sanya Beach can clean up as much as 50 tons. The garbage in Hongyadong during the May Day holiday has increased year-on-year with passenger traffic.

In January this year, on both sides of the scenic road in the Jiufeng Mountain Scenic Area in Sichuan, garbage discarded by tourists can be seen everywhere. (Photo source: Red Star News Wang Huan/Visual China)

Domestic garbage drifting in the river water in the scenic area of ​​the Beipanjiang Grand Canyon National Wetland Park in Guizhou.

Rubbish can be seen everywhere in the Red Leaf Corridor of Jizhaozigou, Xidadi Village, Quchaihe Town, Panshi City, Jilin Province.

And as the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which is loved by the culture and youth all the year round, the charity organizations stationed here can pick up nearly 100,000 pieces of trash a year.

“Zhumadian 4A scenic spot was surprised to see a large amount of garbage being thrown and stacked at will”, “Laojun Mountain became popular because of instant noodles, and garbage was searched all over the ground”, “Chengdu Jiufeng Mountain tourists soared and garbage everywhere”…Similar news appeared endlessly, and it is inevitable that people Doubt: When did the scenic area become a garbage area?

In December last year, volunteers picked up rubbish around Madam Shifeng in Taizhou, Zhejiang

Paper, plastic products, water bottles, cigarette butts, etc. are common rubbish in the scenic area. In addition, the volunteers who pick up rubbish often make accidental discoveries in the activities of picking up rubbish.

“What impressed me the most was a toilet—yes, it was a toilet at home. It should be because I didn’t want to spend money on disposal of construction waste, so I threw it here.” Duck Ya said.

“(The most impressive thing is) self-heating hot pot, this kind of product is packaged so big, I don’t know how the thrower can throw it away!” Gu Jie said.

“The most exaggerated thing is that I picked up a condom for family planning, or used it! Is there any kind of ethics?” Moriqai said to the deer. She had participated in many public welfare activities of picking up trash on river tidal flats and beaches.

On the other hand, a green onion felt that what he could not imagine was the way people throw garbage more than the unbelievable garbage.

“Some people will deliberately hide rubbish in the crevices of rocks. This type of rubbish is the most difficult to deal with. It takes a lot of effort to pick it up. There are still some people who have arranged and packed the garbage, but they still throw it away. Once they have been cleaned up, they can’t take it away?

Source: Summer Q

Where there are tourists, there will be garbage. Such a “law” seems difficult to be broken in a short period of time, whether it is domestic or foreign.

Even in Japan, which is known for its cleanliness, there is a lot of garbage in the scenic spots. @雪941, who works in a scenic spot in Japan, participated in the garbage picking work in the scenic spot this year, and picked up a dozen bags of garbage in just one hour.

So, in the face of such a situation, what can we do besides not littering and condemning it?

In order to deal with the phenomenon of rubbish everywhere, many scenic spots have introduced some measures. For example, Guiyang has set up a “garbage bank” in the scenic spot, and tourists can use the garbage picked up to exchange tickets and exquisite gifts.

At the same time, more and more people are joining the ranks of picking up trash.

As early as 2018, a brand new running mode “Plogging” was popular. This running mode encourages people to pick up the rubbish they see while jogging;

In 2019, a brand-new “garbage picking challenge” became popular in ins. This challenge called on boring young people to find the area to be cleaned up, and then compare photos before and after the cleanup.

However, although this challenge has made more people aware of the importance of environmental protection, it has also brought some unexpected side effects.

On the day of World Environmental Protection Day in June 2019, Internet celebrity Zheng Jiayi posted photos of himself cleaning up trash in the park on Weibo and encouraged everyone to take care of the environment together. However, she was picked up shortly after she had transported plastic bottles, bags and other garbage to the park, and deliberately dumped it in the originally clean park. After finishing the shooting, she left a lot of garbage and threw away.

In the eyes of an onion, many people throw garbage unconsciously, and sometimes remind him to know. Once he saw a child throwing trash, he reminded the mother not to litter here, and the child immediately picked up the trash that was thrown away and the trash that had been thrown back.

Maybe we can’t be able to regularly go to scenic spots to pick up garbage like public welfare volunteers, but at least we can carry garbage bags with us and take our garbage away from the scenic spots.

When you go out on a trip this Dragon Boat Festival, you can also start to give it a try, starting with the mineral water bottle under your feet.

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