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A recent photo of the original Huang Lei’s 15-year-old daughter exposed!Wearing gold necklaces to dress fashionable, eye makeup is full of exquisite celebrities


Recently, some media photographed Huang Lei’s daughter appearing at the airport, dressed in sportswear, casual fashion, and attracted the attention of netizens.

That day, Duoduo wore a long loose white sweater with black fitness shorts and Martin boots. A pair of long legs are thin and straight, very eye-catching. This dress is casual and simple, but it is decorated with double-layer gold necklaces, adding a sense of hierarchy and fashion, just like a female celebrity. I have to say that her aesthetic is still very online.

Many heads wear blue-gray baseball caps and masks, black canvas bags, shoulder-length short hair tied into a low pony tail. She talked with a mobile phone in one hand, and passed the security check with a suitcase in the other. She became mature as an adult.

The 15-year-old Duoduo has become a slim girl, standing straight while waiting for the security check, with a small face, an uneven body, and an outstanding temperament.

After the security check, I took off my mask. Under the lens, many people have fair and delicate skin, delicate facial features, and collagen on their faces. She wears light makeup on her face, her earth-toned eyeshadow is very temperamental, and her eyes are black and white, which can be said to be a good prospect for entering the entertainment industry.

After the picture was exposed, many netizens felt that they were getting more and more beautiful, from small beauties to big beauties. Some people say that although she did not make her debut, her hot search and attention has surpassed many 18-line stars. I don’t know if Huang Lei wants to take his daughter into the entertainment industry.

Not long ago, Sun Li showed a lot of scenes of rehearsal with He Jiong on social platforms. It feels that it has been three years since the last performance of “Book of Water”. I saw many people wearing loose tops, tight pants, and neat low pony tails. Whether watching the script alone or playing with He Jiong, they are very serious. When he lowers his head and smiles, he is restrained and gentle, with a good temperament.

There are also many stills on the Internet wearing stage costumes, a light blue tunic dress, the bows on the braids are the same color, and the orange lipstick is very gentle and looks much more mature than girls of the same age.

I have to say that Huang Duoduo is of high value and has inherited the excellent genes of her parents. In addition, she has been exposed to drama since she was a child and has collaborated with professionals such as He Jiong. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and it can be said that she won at the starting line.

Since participating in “Where Are You Going, Dad”, Duoduo, like other second-generation celebrities, has attracted everyone’s attention. At the same time, controversy arose due to makeup and hair dyeing. But now most netizens are very tolerant and many have grown up, so there are many likes on the Internet.

A lot of word of mouth soon healed, but her mother, Sun Li, was ridiculed for overturning. Not long ago, Sun Li showed a dance video on social platforms. She wears a baseball cap calmly and dances hip-hop with her two partners. But the level of the three people is not on the same level at all. Many netizens mocked her folk style of hip-hop.

The netizen’s comment was not malicious, but was hacked and deleted by Sun Li. After the relevant entries were posted on the hot search, everyone complained about why they couldn’t talk about folk dance, and they couldn’t talk about dancing well. Public figures are still so ignorant. But there are also netizens who feel that their territory is their own, and everyone has the right to delete and block blacks.

It has to be said that Huang Lei’s family members are all “bloodly” physiques, which will always cause controversy and hot searches. If Huang Duoduo enters the entertainment circle in the future, there will be no shortage of attention and traffic.