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Young people wear hip hop clothes, dye their hair many colors to attend the casting Rap Viet


Colorful hairstyles combined with unique outfits help Hanoi young people stand out at the Rap Viet casting.

On April 20, the program Rap Viet held season 2 casting in Hanoi. Young people showed up early with a unique shape. Most of the outfits are of the personal style of Ha Thanh youth. Besides, the hip hop spirit appeared in some outfits. Besides outfits, hair is a factor that helps many young people stand out. At the Rap Viet casting in Hanoi, the mullet head is popular. Meanwhile, some of you express your own personality when dyeing two colors, to blue, pink … Sharing with Zing, Nguyen Nhat Duy (17 years old) said he was preparing costumes yesterday. Besides, the designs are mostly pre-purchased. To increase luck, Nhat Duy coordinated with his mother’s shoes. Meanwhile, Hoang Gia Huy (22 years old) wants to wear a ton-sur-ton suit when participating in the casting. The outfit was conceptualized and coordinated by him this morning. Before personality outfits, many of you attract attention when wearing unique outfits. A contestant revealed to Zing that his outfit was inspired by the pink panther. However, because he could not find pink-toned outfits, he used purple tones. Costumes become a factor to help young people express their own personality. Meanwhile, neutral-tone designs are not popular. To match the hip hop spirit, oversized outfits are chosen by many young people. Sneakers, box pants or loose pants are indispensable designs. Some popular accessories this morning such as chains, rectangular glasses … Many young people choose the highlight in the hairstyle. Therefore, they are not too focused on the costumes. The designs have a dynamic and comfortable vibe. Many female contestants appeared at the casting session in Hanoi. Young people choose costumes with simple, comfortable criteria but still have their own personality. The leopard print pattern, prominent tones are actively promoted by Ha Thanh youth. Describing the outfit, RPT Lake (Ho Duc Anh) shared with Zing: “The style I aim for is quality. I choose clothes that make myself feel comfortable, in accordance with my personality”. Besides, he revealed that the accessories are mostly homemade. Outstanding hairstyle self-dyed by Lake. Tan Dung (19 years old, Lam Dong) spontaneously coordinated. He said that the criterion for choosing the outfit was hip hop style, not wanting to wear like anyone. Besides, Tan Dung shared with Zing: “I learned to draw 3D. During the process of drawing, I found my favorite color and decided to dye my hair”. Leopard-dyed hairstyles with smiling faces are popular with many young people. Duong Minh Thanh (20 years old) shares his hairstyle inspired by foreign rappers. Besides, the outfits that help himself feel confident and fit in the atmosphere are his main criteria. RPT Duke chose costumes with the goal of wanting to “burn” the stage. He said: “I choose red and white tones because these are two basic colors.” For many candidates, fashion becomes “a powerful assistant” to help cheer the spirit. Leeboo (27 years old) said, “I chose fire-themed costumes. The main purpose is to cheer myself up, ‘set on’ today’s stage.” RPT Orijinn’s outfit is blue – white as the main theme. Besides, he uses outstanding motifs to express his own style. Besides the contestants, many young people attended to cheer for their friends. Ha (right) said the costumes are randomly coordinated. Most of the accessories he wears on his hands are homemade. He shares himself in hip hop and rock style. Meanwhile, Hoàng (left) told Zing: “This is the outfit I usually wear every day”.