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30 wolves rushed to the audience in a theater in Xi’an. Staff: Has been performing for 4 years, and there are performances every day


Thrilling!A theater in Xi’an, a pack of wolves rushed out and fell, the actors and audience screamed constantly

In the past few days, the fact that 30 wolves rushed from the stage to the aisle of the audience during the performance of the live-action performance “Legend of Camel Bell” continued to attract attention.

The video of the performance showed that with fast-paced music, dozens of wolves rushed onto the stage from all directions, chasing and biting the performers. In the process of chasing and biting, many wolves rushed from the stage to the auditorium aisle, bypassed the aisle and ran again. Back to the stage.

The intense and exciting performance caused the audience present to exclaim bursts of exclamation.

△ “Legend of Camel Bell” performance site data map

Some people are worried about this: wolves are fierce by nature, will they attack people when they rush to the audience? Is the safety of the performance guaranteed? Some people also praised: The performance is full, I really want to see it.

In an interview with the media, the theater staff responded that the wolves participating in the performance are real wolves. These wolves are imported from Siberia and have wolf blood, but they are not as ferocious as wolves. They have been domesticated for several generations and have qualified certificates and dog training personnel. Also participate in performances.

Public information shows that “Legend of Camel Bell” is one of the projects of China Cultural Tourism Xi’an Resort.

On June 15th, a reporter from Wuhan Morning News contacted China Cultural Tourism Xi’an Resort. A staff member said that the “Legend of Camel Bell” had an anti-wolf net and a set wolf road, which separates the audience from the wolves. Since the performance, there have been no cases where the audience or the performers were injured by wolves.

He said that “Legend of Camel Bell” has been performed for 4 years, and there are almost every day. “The ticket price is divided into 298 yuan, 348 yuan, 398 yuan and 468 yuan. Each adult brings a child under 1.2 meters free.” It also said that “Legend of Camel Bell” is still operating normally, the business has not been affected, and the audience has not increased or decreased significantly.

△ “Legend of Camel Bell” performance site data map

China Cultural Tourism Xi’an Resort once issued an article introducing “Legend of Camel Bell”, saying that the whole performance is divided into the prologue “The Reappearance of the Years”, “Send the King a Thousand Miles”, “Wolf Road Distress”, “Exoticism”, “Auspicious Rain and Wash the Dust”, ” The seven-act plot of “The Return of Ying Lang” and “The Flourishing Age of China”.

Among them, in the scene of “Wolf Road in Distress”, the camel workers are not afraid of danger, and advance in the knowledge of difficulties, fighting for the road and fate of the wolves, all the way through volcanoes, avalanches, robbers, death deserts and other natural and man-made disasters. People left behind stories of perseverance.

He also introduced that the “Legend of Camel Bell” show has won the TEA Award for Outstanding Achievement, known as the Oscar in the international cultural and tourism industry, and the most influential and authoritative IAAPA highest award in the field of amusement performance equipment in global theme parks, the “Bronze Ring Award” and other international Authoritative awards.

Wuhan Morning News reporter Wen Yanli and intern Yang Bingyu