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4 types of t-shirts are being enthusiastically promoted by Korean stars, the girls who buy them will “give up” to see


Here are the best T-shirt styles to buy this summer, taken from the suggestions of Korean beauties.
In the summer, T-shirts are one of the most basic items, favored and enthusiastically promoted by many fashionistas. This item is not only comfortable, cool, good sweat absorption, but also helps the wearer to have a youthful style, suitable for both work and play.

T-shirts have a variety of designs, but you should immediately pin the following 4 t-shirt trends that are being worn by the Korean star association below. White T-shirts Although there are many different models of T-shirts, white T-shirts are still the most basic item in the fashion wardrobe. This item is popular with Korean stars because of its simple design, so it’s easy to mix and match. In addition to being easy to mix and wear, white T-shirts are also suitable for wearing in many situations, from going to work to going out. When wearing a white t-shirt, you can mix and match a variety of different styles to get stylish outfits such as jeans, shorts, skirts or one-piece skirts. Want to create a more impressive highlight for the set, you can highlight some jewelry accessories, bags and shoes. Oversize T-shirt It can be seen that oversize T-shirts are very popular with Korean beauties. The beauty of oversize t-shirts is that they can be worn in so many ways, but no matter how you wear them, rest assured that your look will look cool and comfortable. Not to mention, with a spacious shape, an oversized T-shirt will help hide all the disadvantages of her body, and at the same time create a comfortable and cool feeling on hot summer days. The simplest way to wear an oversize t-shirt of Korean stars is to apply the “hidden pants” formula, creating a liberal, playful look, and helping them to smarten their slim legs. Slim-fit T-shirt If the oversized t-shirt is comfortable, ideal with a liberal and dynamic style, the sexy hugging t-shirt is favored by Korean beauties for respecting their figure. With a light hugging shape, wearing this item on you will look neat, tidy and stylish. The appearance exudes a sexy look but still retains the inherent youthfulness and dynamism. When wearing this item, you can mix it with jeans or casual pants. Horizontal t-shirt Horizontal t-shirts always occupy an important position in the wardrobe of Korean stars. With a striking horizontal pattern, this item will help the wearer hack their age easily. Not only helping to cheat your age, wearing a horizontal t-shirt also helps you get a youthful and stylish outfit. In addition to the familiar black-and-white plaid models, you should also experiment with colorful, colorful horizontal t-shirts from time to time. Learn how Korean stars mix this shirt with jeans, shorts or short skirts to create dynamism and comfort but no less youthful. Jinn Photo: Collectibles