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The original actress relies on the new gold master to whitewash? Mosaic actress makes a successful comeback? Marketing couples tear off the Buddhist mask?


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Actress relies on the new gold master to wash white?

Brother Hua said before that some people at Ba Bajiao didn’t know why they called her after guessing it. In fact, this name combined her real age and real name. It is quite interesting to think about it carefully.

She is a female artist who criticized the topic of “husband” early in the circle, and did not last long after she brought a wave of turmoil. After a while, her new drama will be on, so she has recently started to deny that there were golden pigs in the past. material.

In fact, if the person stepping on knows her past work, she probably knows whether she has a thigh hug after a groping. Although she has a big hit in the web drama just after the show, she won’t let her jump a few levels. Film circle.

All the resources obtained in the follow-up were given by the sponsor of the game. For this reason, she suffered no less, but she had no star luck with the resources in hand, and she used inferior methods to make herself more and more confused.

After being ousted from the position of the first sister, Ba Bajiao’s resources are much worse. The previous gold master has changed her new love a long time ago. Now she has found a new way for herself to wash herself up for the topic, denying that there was a gold master in the past. One thing.

Mosaic actress makes a successful comeback?

Mosaic actresses have been very hot recently. She is now in a semi-blocked state, and she can’t go to official big events, but she can go to small events. This time the music festival resources were 271 hardly won for her. Neither the company nor 271 gave up on her, especially 271. They invested a lot in the mosaic actress, and they absolutely couldn’t let her be blocked. This is also the reason why mosaic actresses can continue to develop in the circle.

In addition, she is usually very arrogant, and she will curse if she doesn’t agree with her, and she can’t change her piety at all. The agent will follow her, and if the Mosaic actress makes any drastic actions, he immediately steps forward to apologize.

Take this music festival as an example. The Mosaic actress had a dispute with the organizer because of the number of rehearsals. If it weren’t for the agent to hold down the Mosaic actress in time, I’m afraid it would be another turmoil. Afterwards, the staff of the organizer often complained about the mosaic actress, saying that she was not popular but liked to play big names. However, this music festival gave Mosaic actress a good exposure. 271 bought her several hot searches and praised her appearance and style.

Marketing couples tear off the Buddhist mask?

Huangshi and Lisun, a marketing couple of four, always appear on the hot search. Either the eldest daughter is envied by others and has some skills, or the mother dances some new dances and so on.

To put it bluntly, the hot topics in his home are bought by marketing, not the hot water at all. The picture is also for the reason of increasing attention and self-interest. The topic of his wife’s dancing is also bought, but I did not expect that the comments from netizens are inferior. expected.

The woman was very arrogant and arrogant, but she blacked the critics, and even her old fans who had been following her for a long time have not let go. Since entering the industry, she has heard good things and was suddenly disgusted and can’t stand it.

Her temper is really not small and her EQ is not high, but there are so few opportunities to appear in front of the camera that many people are not aware of this issue. Anyway, this family is not as Buddhist as it is publicized. To balance the comment area.

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