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7 beautiful bookshelf design ideas


Surely many people will dream of owning a lovely bookshelf to display their favorite books, while helping to decorate the home space more beautiful and eye-catching.
Modern bookshelf

Piercing the ceiling to open the second floor, then using an I-shaped steel frame to reinforce it will create a large bookshelf that creates ventilation for the whole house. Bookshelf into a work of art From a square bookcase, transform the pattern into a cool, creative design that can be a wall map or an attention-grabbing highlight for the whole space. Let’s divide many areas to help you store more books, the remaining compartments can also be used as a place to store other items. Bookshelf from the pinboard You can design a bookshelf from round or undulating wood, then use a skewer to thread it so you can own yourself a quite unique and strange bookshelf. Equally interesting is that you can change the skewers regularly to transform into a bookshelf with a different design. Too great, right. Cool and airy bookshelf design Those who like industrial style should not ignore steel pipes, combine them and combine with old wood to create a satisfactory bookshelf. This idea both creates ventilation and helps the house increase storage capacity. This will be a place to display books, personal items, even favorite works. Bookshelf “wooden stairs” Warm solid wood adds sophistication with its step-like design, while adding functionality with a multi-purpose table design that extends from the wall using a steel frame to hold it. This bookshelf idea will help give you a more modern and chic space. Simple bookshelf Simple but complete and equally sophisticated. Design a reading nook next to the window by making a couch with soft cushions, place 4-5 large pillows and choose double curtains to filter out daylight. It also creates privacy. With such a simple way, anyone can own a bookshelf like that. Bookshelf “weighing floor” This idea is dedicated to those who like style, love art. The “weighs” are turned into impressive bookshelves – a place to store valuable books.