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Canh Diem is full of breasts with a black dress, her figure is worthy of the title of “The First Beautiful Woman in Beijing”


Despite the erratic acting performance, no one can deny the beauty of the “First Lady of Beijing” Canh Diem.

On June 8, Canh Diem shared on his personal Weibo a new set of photos in classic Hong Kong style, with two tones of black and red. In the photo, Canh Diem wears a tight-fitting black dress. Hair styled wavy, parted, accessories are leaf-shaped earrings and big rings. The dress is designed with two straps, a deep slit in the chest, helping the 33-year-old actress to flatter her full bust, delicate collarbone and white porcelain skin. Light makeup face, emphasis on earthy orange lips. Canh Diem looks both charming and elegant. The behind-the-scenes video of the photo session further proves the flawless, flawless beauty of the star “Tu Dang”. Netizens gave many “winged” compliments to Canh Diem. Many years have passed, no one has ever won the title “The First Lady of Beijing” from her. Netizens commented that Canh Diem was very suitable for the national style, still retaining the traditional culture, but absorbing new things from the West. The actress has a charming, seductive beauty, but also a very mysterious, background. That is the reason why her image in the movie “Tu Dang” caused a fever throughout Asia. Wearing a “half-open” cheongsam costume, Canh Diem makes viewers unable to take their eyes off. According to netizens, the love of Tu Dang is a role “made up of shoes” for Canh Diem, from shaping to temperament. Along with improved acting, she escaped the nickname “box office poison”, becoming the most sought-after name today. Before “Tu Dang”, Canh Diem did not cause sympathy with the Chinese public despite his superior appearance. She is “carried” a lot, always has a place in the big projects “Death to the Great Wall”, “Kong: Skull Island”… but she can’t promote her ability, faint next to the actors. other, even causing most of the participating films to fail miserably. Netizens expect, “Tu Dang” is not an exception, Canh Diem will perform well in future films.