Home Architecture 7 ‘taboo’ mistakes when building a house to absolutely avoid

7 ‘taboo’ mistakes when building a house to absolutely avoid


Corner houses, oval houses, large houses with few people living in… are taboos that we need to avoid in housing arrangement…

Based on the principles of feng shui science, Feng Shui Tam Nguyen points out the taboo errors in feng shui houses that we need to avoid. The house has a pointed shape Feng shui believes that: As long as the structure has a sharp angle, it will belong to “fire”. If the roof has a pointed shape, whether it is a decorative piece of art with a pointed tip or an antenna, it is considered “fire-killing”. The house with a pointed roof, leaning to the left and right is called “cold shoulder house”. This type of house causes wealth to not accumulate, the more pointed, the greater the negative influence. Corner house Feng shui calls houses with convex shapes as vacancies. A house in which East and West are missing an angle will inevitably lead to the energy of the Five Elements being unbalanced. However, if it is only the balcony protruding out, the area of ​​the defect or protrusion is small, it can be ignored and not counted. House in round, oval shape Usually, there are very few plots of land that are round or oval. From ancient times to the present, the land with such terrain has been used to build temples or Buddhist halls. People usually do not like to build houses on these lands. Because the soil is round, the oval shape is different from the usual shapes. Most of them belong to the generals. The air field around a circular piece of land is often constrained. Therefore, the circular topography has the meaning of restrictive, binding and closed. People living here show no signs of development, their whole life is poor and bad luck. The oval shape also belongs to the ferocious terrain, its morality is similar to that of the circular land. Small cavalry house with a lot of people Small rooms crowded with people make yang heavier, forming the phenomenon of heavy yin and light. People living in it are prone to lack of tolerance, short temper, and bad social relationships. They often quarrel, even quarrel. The solution is to regulate the light in the room at a mellow level, often using yellow light, opening the window often to let air circulate, making yin and yang balanced. The cavalry house is large and the people are few Large rooms, few people, only the area of ​​the whole house is large, people live in it less. This is a taboo in feng shui. It makes people living in it always feel lonely and cold. The best solution is to welcome relatives and friends to stay with, or find an object and have more children. Housing is like a prison Dai Qi is only outside the architectural object with aura, large facade, open look. This structure can pull people’s mood and motivation to develop their body and strength. On the contrary, the houses are like prisons, the main door and windows are not clear, it is difficult to identify the main foreign line. The direction of this house is also unclear, the qi will not be stretched. People who live in it also cannot develop their abilities. The house is facing the three chimneys Chimney, also known as “close to the sky”. Three chimneys stacked next to each other are called “horizontal”. High-rise buildings facing the chimney are often detrimental to the health of occupants. That affects the fortune. The chimney is like a pen, in fact it is “failed” (the writing is not good). The chimney is used to release exhaust gases when burning objects, also called “fire burning writing”. Houses facing the structure of three chimneys stacked side by side, children’s academic achievement will be low. Homeowners should put a pot of water or raise a goldfish tank. The number of six fish is the best choice, take Water and Fire. The force of the “fire to burn writing and writing” will weaken, and children’s academic achievement will also improve. * Information for reference, contemplation!