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A ‘meditation’ space in a 60m2 apartment for the owner of destiny mệnh


Derived from the lifestyle and personality of the owner, Linh and the design team have breathed into the 60m2 apartment a ‘meditation’ space.
Zen in Japanese means “meditation”, derived from the Sanskrit word. Zen is a form of Buddhism that has a strong influence on the Japanese way of life.

Currently, the Zen lifestyle is also present in many countries, including Vietnam. In particular, Zen style interior decoration is also quite popular (Modern Japanese Style – Japandi). Zen style uses natural materials, natural light, everything is minimalist and the space is organized. In interior design, Zen reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. A touch of Zen style. Zen interior design is based on five natural elements – fire, earth, metal, water, wood. However, Zen does not mean separating oneself from life but living leisurely, doing the movements of daily life with a natural way. Living Zen also means living slowly, making life’s challenges simple. No matter how busy the work is, the people of the land of the rising sun always value balance in life. The followers of this school no matter how busy they are, they still find time to relax through every activity of their daily life. All those spirits have been conveyed by Ms. Tram Nguyen – an interior designer and the LD studio team into a 60m2 apartment in Ho Chi Minh City. The theme for the living room is: Classic, Tailor-made Comfort. Stylist mixes cedar blue or Woad Blue/green blue (60%) with warm earthy tones such as ceramic orange or terracotta Terra-cotta (30%) and Plum red (10%) for a bold look. , cozy and inviting. Ms. Tram Nguyen shared, this is the apartment of the owner named Linh. In the process of working and interacting, she found that the owner has a very “Zen” energy. Because, the owner loves and lives according to Buddhist principles. The apartment is 60m2 wide with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, so it needs a lot of storage space. Besides, the owner also likes to organize meetings and welcome friends to visit the house. Characteristic in the Zen style are the Buddha statues. With these two main needs, Ms. Tram Nguyen finds Japanese-style furniture to be the most optimal. However, homeowners do not like the traditional style, but prefer Western furniture. In the end, Japandi was chosen as the perfect puzzle piece. Ms. Tram Nguyen added that she worked as a fashion stylist before, then switched to an interior stylist with her husband. The above apartment is made by husband and wife. The interesting thing here is that the couple is trusted by the owner to assign from A – Z, even the selection of style, as long as it suits the personality and needs of the owner. This Buddha statue will absorb solar energy and glow when it gets dark. “Normally, customers who come to design consultations often have ideas and ask us to implement them, but Linh is different. We have to learn the thoughts and preferences of our customers, then fly as we please. It’s like a guest comes in and is ready to make a blank page so that I can dress them up with fabrics and colors and patterns,” said Ms. Tram Nguyen. Agarwood burners, books and some home decor items. Behind the animal statue is the peacock’s tail, which helps to filter air, radiation, magnetic fields and increase oxygen at night. The sofa is 35cm high, but when sitting, the person sitting on the sofa is not taller than the person sitting on the ottoman. The sofa mattress is designed to be softer, while the seat mattress is more inflated. Buddha paintings brought back from Tibet by the owner. Kitchen overlooking the loggia The investor’s kitchen was replaced by a stylist with a white cabinet door with wood grain and mosaic tiles. Spiritual corner, worshiping Buddha statue. The bedroom has a theme: Soft, Safe Hideaway. The room is colored in Slate color dark green (60%) beige and brown (30%) and accented with pastel pink (10%) another green-pink palette. At the end of the bed there is a lazy chair. Initially, the stylist determined to make the seat cushion as the living room, but the owner preferred the lazier chair. Wardrobe in white oak grain to match the room’s tone. Extra bedroom.