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Top 3 beautiful ‘check-in’ spots not to be missed in Ninh Binh


Tet in previous years, many people often choose to travel far away from Xuan Xuan, now with the current COVID-19 situation, going close is the right choice. In the North, Ninh Binh is still voted as the most worthy destination to go.

The land of the ancient capital is the convergence of many famous scenic spots, the intersection of natural beauty and culture and architecture. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Currently, tourist sites in Ninh Binh have strictly complied with regulations and implemented many epidemic prevention and control measures, ensuring the safety of tourists when visiting during the upcoming Lunar New Year 2021. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Throughout the years, Trang An has always been one of the most popular destinations to visit during the Lunar New Year holiday. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Trang An is an eco-tourism area located in the middle of a limestone mountain system with many wetland ecosystems, forests on limestone mountains and many historical sites associated with the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Come here to immerse yourself in the charming water space, let yourself enjoy the scenery on the boats in the Sao Khe stream. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) And yet, visitors can also admire a very diverse natural cave system or historical sites from the Le and Tran dynasties such as Trinh Temple, Suoi Tien Temple… (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Mua Cave – ‘Vietnamese version of the Great Wall’ with the top of Ngoa Long mountain embracing the view of Tam Coc region, stairs simulating the ancient Great Wall, virtual living tower, giant cactus garden, peach island flowers… all create a perfect scene in the ancient capital. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Few people know, Winter-Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Hang Mua. There are no brilliant lotus flowers, but the peaceful scenery of this place in this season is very popular with young people who like ‘virtual living.’ (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Because of the beautiful pictures in front of nature like this. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Bai Dinh Pagoda is one of the most famous landscapes of Ninh Binh, located in the complex of Bai Dinh – Trang An eco-tourism area with a history of more than 1,000 years, associated with the land of many feudal dynasties. from Dinh, Tien Le to Ly. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Bai Dinh Pagoda is the largest temple complex in Southeast Asia, 95 km from Hanoi, with an area of ​​​​539 hectares, including the old pagoda area and the new pagoda area. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Bai Dinh Pagoda includes the old pagoda and the new pagoda. The ancient pagoda area is located on a quiet mountainside; Here, visitors can visit caves and temples such as Cao Son temple or Saint Nguyen Temple, Ngoc Well… (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) Meanwhile, the new pagoda area is famous for its monumental architecture bearing the imprint of traditional Vietnamese villages. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+) In particular, there are many Buddha statues, Arhat statues … meticulously sculpted, also becoming a point of interest for visitors to Ninh Binh. (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+)