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After seeing the true background of the three astronauts on Shenzhou 12, I understood what the so-called shortcut is.


The most exciting news during this period is probably the successful launch of the Shenzhou XII.

The three astronauts have therefore become the “hottest men in recent days.”

There are endless reports about them, and what surprised me most was the family background of the three astronauts.

Nie Haisheng, who flew into space three times, was born in a small village in Yangdang Town, Zaoyang, Hubei. His parents depended on farming to make ends meet.

Liu Boming, 55, was born in an ordinary farmer’s family in Dongsheng Village, Hongxing Township, Yi’an County, Heilongjiang.

The youngest Tang Hongbo was born in a small village in Xiangtan, Hunan. His parents are the most simple farmers.

Not only the family background, but the life experiences of the three astronauts are also strikingly similar:

All were born in the “bad family”, grew up in the countryside, and suffered a lot of life when they were young;

Overcome many difficulties and persist in studying, and go out of hometown by studying hard;

Relying on excellent physical fitness, tenacious willpower to become a pilot, and finally an astronaut.

Moreover, the three of them have never stopped reading. Now Nie Haisheng has a doctorate degree with the rank of major general; Liu Boming has a master’s degree with the rank of major general; and Tang Hongbo has a master’s degree with the rank of major general. What is a good way out for ordinary children? I think the three astronauts gave the answer with their own life experiences. Reading is the only shortcut for most ordinary people to “counterattack.” 01About life Yan Yan: In the eyes of many people, perfectionism is a compliment. The perfectionist tendency also has positive value. For example, pursuing high standards, paying attention to details, being serious and responsible, and striving for perfection. These positive values ​​can increase the probability of success, but in fact, perfectionists will not be easier to succeed. The reason is that perfectionism requires a price and has many negative effects. These negative influences offset and exceed the positive value, which will reduce the probability of success of the perfectionist. For example, perfectionists often procrastinate due to anxiety about making mistakes and failures, and are unable to start something, let alone succeed. Yan Yan: Information and intelligence are messengers of money. How much you can get depends on how much you can know. Yan Yan: People with different cognitions see different worlds. 02About self Yan Yan: Modesty can make people feel awe. Only with awe, perfection will truly understand: part of the success achieved is due to ability and hard work, but a greater part is due to luck. Yan Yan: As Einstein said: “Not every thing that can be calculated is meaningful, and not every meaningful thing can be calculated.” Learn to live at your own pace. Gain true comfort and freedom. Yan Yan: Psychologist Schwartz has a “Swartz thesis”, saying: All bad things can truly become unfortunate events only when we think they are bad. In many cases, things are not that bad, and they think they are bad, so things really get worse. 03About social Yan Yan: American comedian Bill Kos once talked about the secret of his success. He said, “I don’t know the secret of success, but I can be sure that the secret of failure in life is to please everyone.” Enriching oneself is more powerful than pleasing others. Yan Yan: There is a line in “Beijing Meets Seattle”: “Even if he doesn’t take me on a yacht and eat French food, he is willing to cross three streets every morning and buy me my favorite soy milk fritters. “The true and long-lasting love is not the earth-shattering weeping, but the small details that flow in daily life. Yan Yan: The poet Gu Cheng said: “The wind is growing its leaves, and the grass is growing its seeds. If we stand and don’t speak, it will be very beautiful.” Getting along well with others is also an ability. Organizer: Yan Yan, intensive reading of the main creation, there is a limit in life, but there is no limit in knowing