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After the divorce of original Zhao Liying, her hair and clothing products also changed from “pure” to “sexy”, full of femininity


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We usually say that a woman is completely different before and after marriage. Some people regard this positioning as unhappy, but in fact, only the person concerned knows the real situation best.

Zhao Liying just announced her divorce with Feng Shaofeng. Since the two announced their relationship in 18 years, it has been more than three years now. They have not seen any love between the two, and they have reached the stage of divorce. However, since the divorce, her whole person’s temperament looks good. More feminine!

Zhao Liying wear analysis:

In color:

The color of the clothes she chose this time is very low-key. The pure black shape makes the whole person look very aura. She was originally very thin and looks more slender. The black charm is really high, and the whole person is exuded. She has the self-confidence of an independent female, but the blackness of her body also makes her look pale, not so youthful and playful, but has a touch of sexy femininity, which is completely different from the “Zhao Xiaodao” we know. !

Design and match:

This set of hers is very basic. She chose a black top with a black denim jacket. Then she chose a pair of black jeans, black platform shoes, and black sunglasses. This suit made the most of black.

In our cognition, the denim jacket is full of youthful vitality, and her choice of black makes the whole person look more mature, and the whole body black can also highlight her fair complexion, that is, mature women can use black to Show the fashion temperament.

Advantages of denim clothes:

1. Bright colors highlight youthful vitality

Many of us have chosen denim clothes for matching. Generally speaking, we will choose bright light blue for matching, so that the bright colors can show the youthfulness of the whole person.

Therefore, we say that denim is an element of youthful vitality, whether it is clothes or pants, it can show a sense of fashion and temperament, and can create the kind of youthful temperament we want.

2. The loose profile highlights the casual fashion temperament

There are also denim jackets with a loose profile version. This type of design is relatively more tolerant of the figure, and at the same time it can show a better visual sense, and the upper body will not feel constrained.

The shape presented by this loose clothing is very temperamental for those who want to wear it with a sense of leisure. It can not only show the casual sense of matching, but also highlight the temperament of a person. Full of fashion sense.

3. The short style is more advanced, and it’s age-reducing and playful

The denim jacket also has a short design. This design looks more advanced, and the short jacket can change the proportions of the entire body, showing the advantage of long legs, tall and showing temperament, if you choose light blue Denim jackets can also play a good role in reducing age.

This is undoubtedly a good choice for short girls. Since they have the fashionable temperament of denim clothes, they can create a perfect body proportion, look thin and tall, and have a younger temperament.

Points to wear:

1. With skirt, elegant, gentle and sweet

When using denim jackets to highlight the styling, we can also choose half-length skirts to create a sense of elegance. Although the combination of skirts and denim jackets does not have a prominent sense of temperament, the overall feeling is very good Fashionable and very feminine.

If it is the overall bright color, if the overall bright color is matched, the whole shape will look more fresh and pleasant. Young girls can use this to highlight the sense of youth and vitality, and middle-aged women can also use this Match it to show a younger temperament.

2. With slim pants, it looks thin and tall

What we can also match is slim-fit jeans. When matching denim jackets, we must avoid denim wide-leg pants. Although the look presented is very individual, not everyone can control this style.

We can match slim pants to show the leg lines. If we choose a short denim jacket to increase the waistline and show a more tall temperament, the whole person will look thin and tall.

Fashion analysis:

Denim jacket is a very common piece of clothing. Almost every one of us wears it. This denim jacket is very easy to control for women of all ages. Young girls wear a sense of youth and vitality. Middle-aged women You can wear an elegant and mature feeling, and the effect presented by different people is different.

When we use denim jackets for matching, it is nothing more than matching pants and skirts. If we want to show a brighter temperament, then we have to choose a light-colored series of skirts or pants for matching. This is the color matching. The most important point of wearing a jacket, everyone must master the matching degree of skin color and clothing color to be able to show a better temperament!

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