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After the G7 summit, the British media published an article saying “Britain will become America’s pet”, and the pictures are more heartwarming.


[Global Network Reporter Zhang Xiaoya Yan Yue]”Britain will become a pet of the United States, and Europe’s future is full of risks.” The British “Guardian” published a commentary by columnist Simon Tisdell on this subject on the 13th. This is the interpretation of the role played by the UK and other European countries in the past G7 summits. It is worth mentioning that the picture provided by The Guardian for this article-Biden taking a group photo of Johnson’s back, is even more interesting.

During the G7 summit, Johnson and Biden were photographed talking together
The Group of Seven (G7) summit was held from 11th to 13th of this month in the seaside resort of Cabis Bay, Cornwall in southwestern England. In addition to the leaders of the member states, Britain, America, France, Germany, Japan and Italy, the European Council Chairman Mi Schell and European Commission President von der Lein were also invited to attend the meeting. However, around this offline meeting of the “Developed Countries Clubs”, the British columnist Simon Tisdell saw some differences.
The beginning of the article said: Under the tense and friendly atmosphere of the G7 summit, there is a kind of visceral fear-Biden is trying to establish a so-called democratic alliance to contain China and Russia, but this behavior will divide the world into two. , Making Europe betrayed by Britain in a dilemma.
Obviously, when describing the roles played by all parties in the G7 summit, the article divides the United Kingdom and other European countries into two different camps.
When portraying other European countries, the article said that although some members of the public applauded Biden’s key message that the United States is “back” after Trump’s extreme nationalism, “European leaders seem to be Far from being persuaded.” They worry that the European Union may be involved in the second endless cold war. In addition, by 2024, Biden, who is 82 years old, may be “hawkish” Trump or another partner. People of the same type as Lampe stepped down. Such unstable factors also made the leaders of these European countries suspicious about the development of US-EU relations.
Not only that, the article said that a recent survey conducted by the European Commission on Foreign Relations on EU countries reflects people’s concerns about Europe’s future in a hostile world. The report revealed that “people generally lack confidence in the ability of the United States to regain leadership in the West”, and most Europeans believe that the US political system has collapsed.

Biden and Johnson (right) “In short, they no longer trust anyone. On the contrary, most people believe that Europe should develop a unified response to global threats. They prefer pragmatic partnerships rather than permanent alliances.” The article concluded. But when it comes to the performance of the United Kingdom, the tone of the article is completely different: “Marked by the revised “Atlantic Charter” and many’Cornishian’ clichés, Johnson spoke to Biden and the United States at the G7 summit. Flattery and embrace send a clear message to Europe.” The article then uses the United Kingdom as a metaphor, saying that it is “like a whipped bulldog that is eager to be favored. After Brexit, the United Kingdom will become a pet that obeys Washington and needs help.” Although Johnson is not Wins. Don Churchill, but the article says, just like Churchill in 1941, Johnson now desperately needs American support. In summary, the article finally settled in Europe’s future analysis stated that for EU leaders, the G7 continues the illusion of power and purpose. Unless these countries immediately grasp the destiny of Europe, Europe will be squeezed like an immature lemon. Between global hostile forces that are inconsistent with European values ​​and interests. And “Europe’s choice”-either become a stand-up actor on the world stage, or become the laughing stock of Trump and Johnson. It is worth noting that when the Guardian published this article, it was ironically accompanied by a photo of Johnson and Biden being photographed talking together during the G7 summit. In the photo, the two turned their backs to the camera, and Biden’s left hand slapped Johnson’s back, the latter leaning forward with a smile on his face. The image of Britain conveyed by the photo also triggered discussion among netizens. ↓ “As clearly shown in the picture, it is a pet on a leash. Sit down and serve as a treat!” “Britain is our English Bulldog.” “Britain will become America’s pet, and Europe’s future is full of risks.’Now put your toys away, be a good boy, get me a cup of coffee, no milk.'” In addition, some people agreed with the analysis of the article. ↓ “The EU is a’bitter lemon’… a lot of truth.” However, some people do not agree with the content of the article. ↓ “What a shockingly biased report, mixed with the author’s personal opinions. But what can you expect differently from The Guardian?”