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After the original delivery, do you have to observe for 2 hours before leaving the delivery room? What have you been observing during this time?


You need to go through labor pains and the whole process of childbirth. You must cooperate with the doctor to give birth to the baby smoothly if you endure the “tenth-level pain”. I think that after the umbilical cord is cut, the parturient can breathe a sigh of relief and be “forced to stay” for observation. For a while.

Many parturients express their incomprehension. They are exhausted physically and mentally after giving birth and cannot sleep. They have to stay in the delivery room for another two hours. Why?

After the mother gave birth, the newborn was taken out first, and the mother had to wait another two hours?

My colleague Yueyue just gave birth to a second child. When she gave birth to Dabao, she was delivered by cesarean section. After giving birth, she went to the ward with her baby. I thought that Shun had a second child, and he could go back to rest directly after the baby was born.

Yueyue’s husband waited outside the delivery room for a long time, and saw that the nurse took the child out first, but Yueyue was not pushed out of the delivery room. Some worried about whether something would go wrong, she hurriedly asked: “How is my daughter-in-law? Why hasn’t she come out yet?”

The nurse explained patiently: “ The mother needs to be observed for another 2 hours , You can go back to the ward without any problems! ”

Yueyue’s husband was still a little worried, and insisted on waiting outside the delivery room until she saw her being pushed out of the delivery room.

Why is it necessary to observe for 2 hours before going out of the delivery room after the normal delivery?

More and more expectant mothers hope that they will be able to give birth smoothly, the baby will be healthier, and the postpartum recovery will be more advantageous for the baby mother, and the cycle will be shorter than that of the cesarean section.

The mothers who have had the experience of normal delivery know that there are three stages of delivery. The first stage is the dilated period of the uterus, and the second stage is the delivery process that is common in movies and TV dramas, until the fetus is delivered. The third stage of labor is the process of delivery of the placenta, and there is actually a fourth stage of labor. Observation after normal delivery is called the “fourth stage of labor.” After the fetus is delivered smoothly, Two hours after delivery, the mother is at high risk , The incidence of postpartum hemorrhage is extremely high. In order to ensure postpartum safety, they will be “forced to stay” in the delivery room for observation. If there is an emergency in the parturient, it is convenient for medical staff to rescue the child immediately to avoid life-threatening. This can greatly reduce the mortality of the parturient.

These three points need to be observed after childbirth, each of which is related to the safety of the mother. It is recommended that mothers-to-be save them

Although the postpartum recovery is faster, the postpartum risk is also very high, especially during the two hours postpartum period, you need to be extra careful, mainly to observe the following three points: [First point]Is there any bleeding after childbirth?

According to statistics, 80% of postpartum hemorrhage occurs within 2 hours after delivery.

The 2 hours postpartum for normal mothers is a critical period for observing the amount of bleeding. If you encounter postpartum hemorrhage, it is more dangerous , It may be life-threatening. Stay in the delivery room 2 hours after delivery to observe the bleeding, which is convenient for timely rescue.

[Second point]Observe the mental and physical condition of the parturient

Many expectant mothers feel that they can relax and rest after giving birth. The two-hour observation time in the delivery room should be followed by monitoring the vital signs of the mother, such as Heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure Wait for the basic situation, but also observe whether the mother’s consciousness is sober.

It is normal for the body to be weak after childbirth, if it occurs Malaise, may be a manifestation of physical problems , The medical staff will observe whether the mother’s consciousness is clear through communication.

[3rd point]Observe whether there are contractions

After the fetus is successfully delivered, the enlarged uterus during pregnancy begins to contract gradually, and the observation period is 2 hours after delivery. It also depends on the contraction of the uterus If the uterus can contract normally, it will compress the blood vessels and reduce the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage.

Kojima has something to say

The 2-hour observation in the delivery room after the normal delivery is necessary for the safety of the mother. In addition to the above three points, some women have incomplete placental delivery. The doctor also helps clean up the placenta .

If the expectant mother wants to have a baby smoothly, these small details of the smooth birth also need to be mastered in advance to avoid panic during childbirth. Staying in the delivery room for two more hours after the baby is born is for the sake of the delivery room, so don’t think about it. , Scare yourself!

I hope that all pregnant mothers give birth smoothly and give birth to a healthy and smart baby!