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Amazing results when growing straw mushrooms from sweet potato vine


Research shows that after drying for 10 -15 days, the sweet potato vine has a moisture content of 13-15%, equivalent to that of rice straw, using mushroom cultivation with high efficiency.

After each harvest, the amount of sweet potato string in the field in Vinh Long is very large, about 100,000 tons. Photo: Minh Dam. Vinh Long Agricultural Extension Center has successfully tested the method of producing straw mushrooms from sweet potato vine. This is one of the new ways to diversify the source of materials for growing straw mushrooms, potentially replacing rice straw. According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vinh Long province, Binh Tan district has an annual sweet potato production area of ​​14,000 hectares. After harvesting the tubers, the amount of sweet potato wire in the field is very large, about over 100,000 tons/crop. This amount of by-products is not properly treated, which can easily pollute the environment. The beaten sweet potato string is rich in nutrients and has been studied for silage as animal feed. However, the amount used for this purpose is not much, so the remaining source of by-products is still large and has the potential to be used to grow straw mushrooms if treated appropriately. Ms. Truong Thi My Loc, Head of the Research Project on growing straw mushrooms from sweet potato vine (Vinh Long Agricultural Extension Center) said: The project committee conducted a study on the production of straw mushrooms (Volvariella volvacea) from ropes. sweet potato in Binh Tan district. The objective of the study is to study and initially test the basic method of processing sweet potato vine into a suitable substrate for the production of straw mushrooms. Since then, the study has found the most suitable substrate mixing ratio to initially propose the process of producing straw mushrooms from sweet potato vine for the best yield and quality, improving product value, contributing to achieve the goal of restructuring the agricultural sector. Research shows that during the dry season, especially the spring-summer crop, with continuous hot and sunny conditions, sweet potato strings are treated and dried for 10-15 days to reach a moisture balance of 13-15%, suitable for substrate for mushroom cultivation. Using sweet potato wire to grow straw mushrooms brings many practical effects. Photo: Huu Duc. The use of sweet potato wire to grow straw mushrooms is more effective than growing from straw when people can take advantage of the area in their potato fields to process (dry the wire), incubate the wire and grow the fungus, bringing effective results. high economic. This is suitable for households who cultivate rotation according to the structure of rice – sweet potato or sweet potato – other vegetables, both creating favorable conditions to take advantage of the source of sweet potato cords and rotating crops to cut off the source of pests and diseases in the crop. land. In addition, using sweet potato by-products to produce straw mushrooms brings many benefits such as significantly reducing soil and water pollution and protecting human health. In particular, this method also takes advantage of organic fertilizers, contributing to increasing income for farmers. At the same time, the research topic also contributes to diversifying the source of raw materials for mushroom cultivation, opening up new directions and new ways for farmers to take advantage of the abundant and stable source of sweet potato by-products to grow. develop the cultivation of straw mushrooms. According to Ms. Truong Thi My Loc, currently, the research team is continuing to perfect the research process to transfer techniques to organizations and individuals in need.