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Buy a cucumber, should you choose a curved or straight fruit, the grower has a surprise tip


The shape of a cucumber or cucumber also tells us whether it is delicious and safe.

Cucumber is a fruit that is not only fresh and nutritious, but also has many beauty effects. In the summer, cucumbers are sold more and more. Cucumbers can be processed into many delicious dishes such as salads, stir-fries, juices, decorative dishes… When shopping for cucumbers, many people have the mentality of choosing straight fruits, instead of curved but real fruits. Is this a good choice? Growers have told 4 great tips when choosing cucumbers, you can refer. The way to choose cucumbers is similar. Look at the color of the cucumber When choosing cucumbers or cucumbers, we can first look at the color of the cucumber. Normal fresh cucumbers should be green and dark green, some people think that the lighter color will be softer, this is not the case. Because mature cucumbers/cucumbers naturally have a lot of sunlight During growth, the color is darker, while cucumbers that are fertilized or stimulant, as well as cucumbers in a greenhouse, the light time is shorter and the color is much lighter than that of naturally mature cucumbers. Therefore, you should choose fruits with a darker green color. Illustration. Look at the straightness of the cucumber When you buy cucumbers, you will usually see curved and straight fruits. Vegetable farmers said that cucumber is a natural vegetable, because it belongs to the family of vines, plus many factors such as light, temperature, fertilizer … so cucumbers will be bent somewhat. With straight fruits can be enlarged with stimulants. Therefore, it is best not to buy a fruit that is too straight, so choose a fruit that is slightly curved. But note also should not choose too curved fruit, curved, round shape, uneven fruit body such as big head and small head, these fruits are often stunted and lack nutrition. Look at the flowers in the cucumber navel When buying cucumbers, if we pay attention, we will see that there are many cucumbers that still have a small flower in the center of the fruit while most of them have no flowers. Many people believe that such fruits with flowers are usually freshly picked, still fresh. In fact, when picking naturally mature cucumbers, the flowers at the navel will fall off naturally after a day, leaving a scar on the top. As for melons with flowers at the navel that look very fresh, big and bright, after picking for many days still not falling, it shows that it is used growth drugs, so it is not recommended to buy such fruits. Look at the thorns of the cucumber When buying cucumbers, we often touch the thorns on the surface of the cucumber with our hands, these thorns can protect the cucumber during growth. If it is a fresh cucumber, the thorns on the surface will Small and dense, when touching with your hand, you will see the spines fall off. However, if the surface of the fruit is relatively smooth, usually the melon is long and not fresh, avoid buying. Once you have selected delicious cucumbers, you can bring them home to process into some of the following delicious dishes: 1. Cucumber Salad Resources: – 2 cucumbers – 1 chili – 1 bulb of garlic – 30ml rice vinegar – 1 teaspoon sugar – 1 teaspoon fish sauce – 1 pinch of cornstarch – 60ml of water Making: – Cucumbers are washed and soaked in salt water for 15 minutes, then rinsed under running water. – Cut off the ends of the melons and then scrape them into thin slices. Peel and mince garlic, minced chili. – You take each slice of melon, roll it into a circle, and place it on a plate so it’s beautiful. – Put fish sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, 60ml water, a little cornstarch, garlic and minced chili into the pot and stir well to dissolve. Turn on the stove to boil the fish sauce mixture, then turn off the stove, let it cool before using, so we get a slightly viscous fish sauce mixture. – When the fish sauce mixture has cooled, sprinkle it evenly on the cucumber plate, so the cucumber salad is complete. In just a few simple steps, you have a delicious, crispy, sweet and sour cucumber salad to enjoy! 2. Cucumber cake Resources: – 140g cucumber puree, 10g cooking oil, 20g fresh milk, 110g low gluten flour, 1 egg, 20g powdered sugar Making: – Cucumbers are washed, cut into small pieces, then put in a blender, puree. Then pour into a large bowl. – Pour milk, cooking oil into the bowl of grated cucumber. Crack the egg in. – Stir everything. Then sift in the low-gluten flour and powdered sugar. The amount of sugar can be customized according to your sweetness level. – Continue to stir the mixture into a liquid, no lumpy powder. – Prepare a non-stick pan, do not put oil in the pan nor turn on the heat. Use a spoon to scoop up some flour, pour it slowly from above, about 15cm from the pan surface. Let the dough spread out naturally into a circle. Then turn on the fire. – There are small holes on the surface of the cake, but that’s because the dough has not frozen. Then, when the bottom of the cake is cooked, turn it over and continue frying. After flipping this side, cook for a little longer, you will see the cake is slightly puffed in the middle, the cake is cooked. The cake has a faint scent of cucumber, very light and pleasant. Cucumber cake is delicious when eaten with ketchup. Good luck!