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How important is original Ali to Hangzhou? Just look at the data and you will know that Tencent is incomparable at this point!


With the popularization of the Internet, the era of the Internet has come, and Alibaba and Tencent have become the two most successful companies in this era, not only helping everyone to accept the new era more easily, but also changing people’s habits to a certain extent. Lifestyle, the products of these two companies both play an indispensable position in people’s lives. Although the main business directions are different, there will always be people who compare the two companies!

Alibaba’s headquarters is located in Hangzhou, which has also greatly promoted the economic development of Hangzhou. According to valid data, Hangzhou’s GDP in 2020 will reach 1,610.6 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of 3.9%, and it has just been established in Alibaba. In 1999, Hangzhou’s GDP was only 122.5 billion yuan. In just 20 years, Hangzhou’s GDP has doubled by as much as 12 times. Although the GDP of every city in China has been guaranteed in the past few years, There are few data like Hangzhou, and Ali has contributed a lot!
In fact, Hangzhou is not without other large companies, such as Wahaha, Nongfu Spring, Geely and other large companies are located in Hangzhou. They have also contributed their own strength to the development of the city, but compared to Ali, they are much worse. They are just themselves. However, Ali’s industry can drive the overall development of the city. According to incomplete statistics, Ali directly and indirectly created 33 million new jobs in Hangzhou and its surrounding areas, which has driven Hangzhou’s economic development as a whole. It’s not that you can’t live without Ali, but Hangzhou has today, and Ali is indispensable!

However, Tencent in Shenzhen is much worse than that of Shenzhen. It’s not that Tencent’s size is much smaller than that of Ali. It’s that Tencent’s main business is games and social networking, and it has a higher degree of virtualization. It will not drive the city’s economy like Ali. So big, and because Shenzhen itself is much more economically developed than Hangzhou, and there are many other large-scale companies in Shenzhen, Tencent is absolutely not as important to Shenzhen as Ali is to Hangzhou! Of course, this is not because Tencent is inferior to Alibaba. It can only be said that it is a problem of the location of everyone’s headquarters. Just like Daqing Oilfield in Daqing, Anshan Iron and Steel in Anshan, etc., these are large enterprises in small cities, and the existence of enterprises is of greater significance to cities. It may even be the backbone of the city’s GDP, but there is no way that these companies will be stronger than Tencent Ali!