Home Cuisine Buying durian online, young people add it and make netizens “heartbroken”

Buying durian online, young people add it and make netizens “heartbroken”


Witnessing a young man’s recent online shopping of durian fruit, everyone who looks at it must be nervous and heartbroken until the last step.

Durian is a fruit with a special smell, if anyone knows how to eat it, they will surely fall in love with its seductive taste. Knowing that, but not everyone can choose durian that has a lot of citrus, ripe yellow like on the internet photo. Recently, a Chinese guy shared a clip of durian fruit that was sold online for 30 thousand VND. When the goods arrived, this guy excitedly took it out and recorded a clip to share on MXH. However, this guy’s durian separation made netizens very excited and curious because after adding many layers, he still couldn’t see any segments. After a while, the guy cut durian into 6 parts, although he was desperate, he continued to experiment. Finally, luck came to the guy when the last part of the golden durian fruit appeared, it was not worth ordering online but waiting for so long. Although there is a temporary ending, this is a lesson for those who shop online, especially when buying fruit online. Before that, there were many cases of having to hold a grudge when buying durian. Typically, a young man shows off a “mutant” durian that he has grown in his home garden, making everyone excited because its appearance is so different. But after separating the durian fruit, netizens “fired” this fruit did not have any segments, the intestines were hollow with a long hole. Witnessing this 1-0-2 durian moment, all netizens were shocked because life was not like a dream. Although very confident in the seller’s skill of choosing durian, when receiving the product, many people “clicked their tongue” bored. According to the experience of the “durian saints”, if there is nothing inside, the durian fruit will be light, squeaky and easy to recognize. Durian fruit looks quite full from the outside, but the inside is not so much… Photo: Summary Invite readers to watch the video: PRIVATE SUCCESSFUL sticky rice with quality assurance 1-0-2 Sold for passion at very cheap price – Source: YAN News