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Who is extinguishing the starlight of Hongmeng


In the past, when market hotspots changed frequently, the continuity of leading hotspots was generally not strong, and the over-the-counter funds held a wait-and-see mentality, the Hongmeng concept was favored by funds and became one of the hottest sectors in the past few trading days.

After the release of Hongmeng OS 2.0, the share prices of “Hongmeng concept stocks” and domestic software stocks went out of the market for several days. Yesterday the Hongmeng concept board closed up by more than 12%, and many stocks had a daily limit. Among them, Runhe Software is gaining the most momentum. It has risen by more than 140% before the Hongmeng system went live. However, the stock price in the past few days has been on the skyrocket. It took five daily limits within a month and soared by nearly 300%.

On the last trading day before the Dragon Boat Festival, Runhe Software once again rose by its limit. Other concept stocks such as Sitech, Jiulian Technology, Advanced Data Communication, and Chuanzhi Education all rose more than 10%, and the entire Hongmeng sector rose 1.88%.

From June 7 to today, within 5 trading days, the Hongmeng concept sector has risen by nearly 20%.

Although many financial institutions are running to join the Hongmeng ecosystem, the performance of the Hongmeng system still needs time to verify, especially the profit contribution to Huawei and its concept stocks. The market has violently promoted the Hongmeng concept for several days. Obviously, everyone is trading more emotionally than fundamentals.

Why do you say that? Because from the current public opinion monitoring, Hongmeng OS does make many people excited.

1 “Hongmeng means national destiny”

This is not surprising.

“A programmer with a little brain should support Hongmeng OS.” said a programmer friend of mine.

Since Hongmeng “surrendered to the state”, the nature of this project has changed. As China’s “leading bird” in the field of chips and communications technology, Huawei has emerged as a leader in cutting-edge technology and has been beaten by certain Western forces. Before that, perhaps its success or failure represented the fate of a company or even a street office; But after “turning over to the country”, the fate of the Hongmeng system is the national destiny.

the reason is simple. At a lower level, the big rift between the East and the West is not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster. The Eastern IT industry, which tends to be involved, will re-enter a blue ocean-only the difference in the system level can bring two or three times more job opportunities for programmers. China and the United States compete in all areas of technology, and it is nothing new to spend big money to compete for IT talents. Multiple benefits are superimposed, and programmers like to go all the way, so they can stay in the local area and contribute.

On a larger scale, key departments, governments, national defense, and state-owned enterprises, without autonomous underlying Internet infrastructure, are like running naked.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the “Sovereign Internet Law” in 2019. Russia’s Internet infrastructure will gradually get rid of its dependence on overseas nodes, especially when it is attacked by external parties, it can cut off the connection with the outside world and independently operate the domestic regional Internet.

Not long ago, Belarusian Prime Minister Golovchenko said: “We are forced to abandon Western goods and technologies, and we are ready to switch to Asian technologies. According to preliminary statistics, Chinese technology alone can replace 90% of European and American technologies. He emphasized that Belarus has drafted a set of measures to deal with Western sanctions.

For countries that want to climb up the global value chain, The West, which has mastered the high ground of technology, always holds the sword of Damocles high. When will this sword be cut down? Don’t know; why cut it down? No reason is needed.

China, which is regarded as the main competitor by the United States, naturally needs an autonomous Internet infrastructure that can face the future. Therefore, in the eyes of many people, the birth of Hongmeng is an important time for China to practice internal strength.

But some others brazenly chose to stand on the “opposite” of Hongmeng.

“Isn’t it just for Pi Android? What’s so great.” “My country is amazing, you are going to’climax’ again.”

In the past few years, Huawei has been linked with “patriotism”, which has caused an endless war of criticism. Since the media has written and reposted countless articles on the subject of “America is dumbfounded” and “Trump panicked”, it is these articles that have become a window for many readers to vent their anxiety.

In the face of the powerful “imperialist hegemony,” some people are indeed anxious. Some people say that China and the United States have fallen into the Thucydides trap. It is not unreasonable. This is a world where pirates are rampant. Under the “technology-market” dependency of the division of labor in the modern value chain, pirates use more “civilized” methods to plunder wealth-use currency, technology and aircraft carriers to establish a tax system to obtain a global value chain The biggest cake in China, all the hard-working farmers get is the scum.

Huawei’s position in the technical field has not changed drastically in a century, but it also happens to be on the core interests of pirates. The contradictions seem to be irreconcilable. Therefore, it is just another of the ancient fables of “shooting the head.” illustration. In the face of the cold gun that flew, Huawei chose to carry it hard rather than compromise, and it seemed to hit the high point of the anxious person.

It is precisely because of this that Huawei has been labeled as “patriotic”.

Things started to change at this time.

“If you don’t buy Huawei, you don’t want to be patriotic,” and “Buy fruits are you’re betraying the country.” There are endless remarks, and the scope of application of the two labels of “patriotism” and “traitorship” can be extended indefinitely. Tesla owners have also been labeled as “traitor”.

In the field of public opinion, extreme voices are never absent. This is a place where mutual invisible and incomplete communication is not completely synchronized, and expression is obviously lacking in inhibition. And a pair of interaction forces must be produced at the same time. A very small number of extreme comments quickly generated an emotional backlash. Initially, they targeted the behavior of suppressing users of other products in the name of “labels”, and later turned into a tit-for-tat confrontation with the brand, the company, and the concept.

In fact, you can feel the bugs of these extreme statements by pushing the logic backwards one or two levels. But logic is often weak in the field of public opinion on social media-once people lack the ability to think independently, many people will say things like others, or they will go for their own benefit. Weights are added to both ends of the balance, and a person who has the intention to push it gently can stage a farce of “referring to the deer as the horse”.

2 Hongmeng’s true goal

If you put aside the various labels and just look at the business nature of Hongmeng, it is actually not that complicated.

From a certain point in time, the innovation and development of mobile terminals have gradually slowed down, and most new mobile phones have almost become more and more homogeneous. Apple’s innovation capability seems to have lost its acceleration, and instead has fallen into a close struggle with competitors in the supply chain and profit margins. Brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and OV have caught up in an attempt to carve up Apple’s high-profit market.

However, it’s hard to see that a certain product has a certain shocking selling point., You can guess what new features a certain product will have without even looking at the press conference. On the contrary, it is a larger screen, longer battery life, light weight, price range, no earphones and chargers and other accessories…These factors have become the main line of the battle.

Are the mines of the smartphone era almost exhausted?

So in this stock competition, As a new smart terminal story, IoT has been brought to the front and has become a new growth pole for established mobile phone manufacturers.

When Huawei was developing Hongmeng OS, it was clearly aimed in this direction. At the Huawei 2020 Developers Conference, Yu Chengdong said: “No one can extinguish the starry sky.” This sentence not only refers to Huawei’s current dark situation, but also refers to Huawei’s efforts to get out of the darkness through the efforts of countless developers. Strategic thinking about getting out of the predicament-everything in the era of the Internet of Everything is like a starlight-Hongmeng’s true goal is to build the infrastructure in the era of the Internet of Everything and build a foothold in the upper reaches of the value chain.

Hongmeng wants to connect all devices with chips together, not just serve mobile phones, tablets or computers. In this system, there is no center and non-center. All devices are equal. Some only have strong computing power and weak computing power. Let these devices be connected in series through the Hongmeng system and work together.

Therefore, the number of terminals and developers has become the key to the success of Hongmeng OS.

From the perspective of the number of terminal connections, Yang Haisong, vice president of Huawei’s consumer business AI and smart full-scenario business department, once put forward a “16% market share” statement. “For an underlying platform such as an operating system, software usage and market share are the core factors for its survival and success, and 16% market share is a life-and-death line.” With a 16% market share, Huawei’s goal to be completed in 2021 is: the number of devices equipped with the Hongmeng system needs to reach 300 million, of which 200 million are owned by its own devices, and 100 million are for ecological partners.

However, it is still unknown whether this goal set by Huawei can be achieved. From April 2020 to April 2021, Google’s Android system accounted for 72.2% of the mobile operating system market share, Apple’s iOS accounted for 26.99%, and other operating systems accounted for less than 1% of the market share.

3 Disturbance one after another, Hongmeng is there

Hongmeng has a long way to go, and it still needs our support. But in such a situation, is it really a good thing for Hongmeng’s future and destiny?

In ancient Chinese, Hongmeng refers to the unopened state of chaos at the beginning of the birth of heaven and earth.

The newly born Hongmeng, with a little adjustment of patriotism, can enrich the user’s taste experience and allow more people to join the “starry sky”. From ancient times to the present, from washing powder to chips, there are people doing this. What’s wrong Is it there?

Unfortunately, once the topic of “patriotism” got in touch with Huawei, things started to develop in strange directions.

Huawei, which is at the forefront of the storm, is now difficult to look at from the logic of purely commercial and enterprise evolution, so that every move and every action of Huawei, once displayed in words, will be deformed and distorted, and it will be interpreted as a national event. Hysterical, self-defeating and arrogant, as if born to be incompatible with fire and water, and decisively battle on the “top of the Forbidden” in this business world.

And what are the consequences of this phenomenon? People’s quarrels have broken away from the essence of Hongmeng, falling into endless rants and abuse, turning friends into enemies, and eating up the vitality of Huawei and Hongmeng until they are completely consumed. As a result, Zhengfei couldn’t stand his re-election anymore. At the node where the support of Chinese consumers was most needed, he quickly jumped out and shouted: Love Huawei is not the same as patriotism.

In fact, just yesterday, I followed the “popularity” of my friends and couldn’t wait to upgrade the mobile phone system to Hongmeng OS.

After the update, I turned on the phone and found that there is not much difference from Android. Even in the new feature guide, I did not see too much refreshing content.

But you should know that from the traditional operating system to Hongmeng OS, on the surface it is only an upgrade of the system, but the underlying logic has changed. This is a new logic oriented to the era of the Internet of Everything, just like Weilai’s “stacking” masterpiece ET7-“Prepare for tomorrow”, but after all, it still needs four wheels and a round steering wheel.

Too aggressive, increasing the user’s conversion cost is not worth the loss. So I have reason to believe, It will certainly exert its true power, but not now.

Either “Hongmeng Niu X” or “Hongmeng can’t do it” is nothing but people’s opinions at this stage. A new operating system and the natural growth of mobile phone ecology should have their own rhythm and bear their own risks. In fact, Huawei is just such an enterprise. Facing the “U.S. imperialism” reactionary forces to the outside world, there are also many people inside who are not optimistic about it for various reasons. It doesn’t care about these, but continues to review and explore, and move on the path it thinks is right.

In this sense, Hongmeng is just the beginning.

Before its huge imagination space is verified, any act of putting a conclusion on the coffin only by “labeling” is tantamount to playing a hooligan.