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The countryside sunshine in my memory, even though it is harsh but easy to breathe, is clean and sunny, but it cools down quickly, not hot like the streets of Hanoi.

On these hot summer days, I remember my childhood again. My hometown Thanh Hoa, summer is very hot. In the summer, when listening to the radio station of the commune, it is 36-37 degrees, but every time the sun is shining, you sweat like a bath, even when eating, you have to beat the fan. The hot sun made when I woke up in the afternoon, the mat where I lay was also dark because of sweat. On windy days, the trees are shaking because of the sun, sitting in the house looking out into the field, seeing the steam keep rising. So, almost everyone has a few or three mo fans, a type of fan made from the stem of areca leaves, also known as mo areca. This stalk hugs the tree trunk, after growing old, it falls down and is cut into a rectangle larger than the A4 paper now, at the bottom, it is folded to make it convenient to hold, easy to control and fan. . That fragrant, fragrant fan has put my childhood to sleep. Later, there were spokes fans, made of young or thin cork and knitted together, but often damaged quickly. The heat of the homeland made every house close at noon and rest quietly, our children were “bitten” by the rash all day long, their limbs were thick with red “bite” spots. When you grow up a little, just wait for the adults to sleep, then gently open the door to hide and play, play football with friends on the street. It wasn’t until later when I grew up that I bought an electric fan at home. At that time people kept calling it Lotus Fan, even though it wasn’t like that. People in the countryside, just call it that, just like motorbikes call it Honda. That simple item is the dream of many homes. At first, only wealthy families could afford it. Perhaps because of the sun and wind, my hometown doesn’t have the custom of having a real Korean New Year as much as other regions in the North. When I was a child, I hardly knew about the vegetarian cake. I don’t know if it’s because of the difficult economic conditions or the customs of my hometown. But on the contrary, the Lunar New Year, the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, my hometown does it quite loudly. Almost every house has dishes such as millet tea, sticky rice, dried fish, and wine. At the market in those days, they also sold a lot of Voi leaves. The women bought them to dry and drink them. Perhaps the climate and nature also affect the lifestyle, customs and habits of each region. Despite the geographical distance, my hometown and Hanoi and neighboring provinces are not far apart. Life has changed a lot now, few people still work in the fields or depend entirely on the fields. Therefore, the impact of nature and extreme weather on the lives of people in my hometown is not as much as before. I’ve noticed that many homes have air conditioning installed. But the feeling of hometown sunshine, the feeling of gardens and fish ponds and its peace in the soul of the country people are still the same. The countryside sunshine in my memory, even though it is harsh but easy to breathe, is clean and sunny, but it cools down quickly, not hot like the streets of Hanoi. The rustic love in the countryside Summer noon calls each other to tingle green tea Yesterday I asked my daughter what she learned today, learned something new compared to yesterday. He said he hasn’t read much today, so I encourage him to find out when, where, and who made the air conditioner. It looks and shows from the beginning of the 20th century, with information about the inventor, the year of invention, the development process. I seem to be getting old, so in the past, when I heard or read something, I remembered it clearly, but now I quickly forget it. I just remember commenting back to my son: then the richest people in the world like Rockefeller probably wouldn’t have air conditioners to use, most of their lives would have to be by train, not by machine. fly. It’s the era of science and technology, I’m happier than him. My daughter seems to enjoy that comparison. I’ve only just said that, and the next thought that comes to me about each era and every aftertaste of life and I can’t say who feels happier and more comfortable than anyone, I have not shared with my children. Let your child’s awareness develop a little more. Homeland has the poetic, the love of the countryside; The street has its own charm, the beauty of the street. Contemplating a little in the hot sunny day and COVID sitting working from home and sharing with each other in the age of Facebook is also beautiful. Today’s experiences will eventually go down in human history, celebrating human life; and certainly, its interesting, only experienced people can see to appreciate and share. 2/6/2021