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Cardi B bought a $ 79,000 Hermès bag in the same color as her hair


Female rapper has a hobby of collecting Hermès Birkin bags with floating colors.
On the evening of April 19, Cardi B posted a photo that appeared on the street with Vivienne Westwood’s $ 1,555 white corset outfit combined with simple jeans.

The remarkable point on the whole is that the hair is dyed with a blue tone ombre changing from dark to light with a color consistency with Birkin handbags. Cardi B posted a photo showing her new Hermès handbag. Photo: @iamcardib. The accessory model is made from crocodile skin covered in dark blue with the price of 79,000 USD on sale 1stdibs . This is one of the new designs that the female rapper recently bought with Hermès Kelly in fuchsia pink. “Cardi B is a person who loves to combine hair color with expensive designer handbags. The female rapper makes me confident about my own hairstyle and fashion,” added Stylez hairdresser. Page Six . Crocodile leather Birkin handbag model is priced at $ 79,000. Photo: @iamcardib. Cardi B is a famous Birkin enthusiast. She has a wardrobe covered with luxury handbags from Hermès. Female rapper collects designs made from crocodile skin with a variety of colors. Besides, she was given a Birkin by Kylie Jenner for her birthday. Some of the bags are gifts from husband Cardi B – rapper Offset. Page Six Evaluation of these accessory models can retail for between $ 40,000 and more than $ 100,000. Therefore, they easily raise the total value of Cardi B’s Hermès handbag collection to more than half a million dollars. The female rapper once opposed the racist comments: “Why do you ask if female rappers like us can buy Birkins at the store? People have never asked such questions. with white artist. We are at the forefront of the trend. When you think we’re devaluing the Hermès bags, we’re actually making them float. ” Female rapper has a hobby of collecting branded bags. Photo: Page Six.