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Co May shop: Young and trendy in each design


Co May shop with feminine, personality and youthful fashion can meet all needs in accordance with each person’s physique.

Located in Tay Ninh city, Co May shop is a familiar shopping place for women. The store focuses on youthful fashion trends, so there are many young customers who are loyal “followers” who often shop. At the store, there are many cute items to help customers choose and coordinate their own style and preferences. Items often focus on complete sets, showing the modern spirit pursued by most young people today. The criteria ‘strange – unique – cheap’ is a unique attraction at Co May shop. With this trend, the store focuses on building a fanpage and products are diverse from designs, colors, patterns to materials for girls to choose, even more “quality” than brands. In addition, according to feedback via fanpage, most customers love the store because of its friendly service attitude and standard clothing designs from trendy designs to guaranteed materials. With the increasing demand for online shopping, many fashion stores have invested heavily in fanpages, including Co May shop. However, Co May shop is committed to the image and quality of the product in the post to ensure the most truthfulness. Co May shop is a paradise of dresses, skirts and dynamic outfits. The plain-colored dresses are simple, but when dressed up, they are not less charming; The ‘extremely attractive’ off-the-shoulder dresses will be indispensable items for the hot summer; The outfits both bring a feeling of lightness, comfort, and cleverly show off their sexy thin shoulders, … In particular, the white and pink dresses on the puff sleeve model help the ladies to be sweeter or a bit out of the way with a compact but delicate style for the prom. It can be said that Co May shop is the world of dresses for those who are passionate about tenderness, femininity and elegance. Co May shop provides products of clear origin. In particular, the store always chooses products with good fabric, each stitch is meticulous and delicate, ensuring to satisfy the most fastidious girls. In the situation of complicated COVID-19 epidemic, Co May shop conducts an online livestream every day with seasonal costumes, themes, objects, etc. and create trust for customers when shopping online. In addition, customers can enjoy shopping at very low prices when participating in the livestream to apply promotions from the shop. Cloud Shop ADD: 262 Huynh Cong Gian, Ward 7, Ward3, Tay Ninh City, Tay Ninh Province Tỉnh HOTLINE: 096 801 57 52