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What lessons did the original 300,000 buy to the 11-year inventory Rolex teach consumers?


Last year, Ms. Lin spent nearly 300,000 yuan on a Rolex Day-Date watch in Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center. After using it for a period of time, Ms. Lin found out that there was a big problem with the timekeeping of this watch, one month error. It actually took 20 to 30 minutes. This is a huge difference from the “2 seconds per day” Rolex in the traditional impression of everyone. If it’s just a matter of inaccurate time, it can actually be understood. After all, Rolex is a modern industrial product, with an annual output of one million, plus the need to travel across the ocean and pass through numerous barriers to reach consumers. The official still has a five-year warranty. , Just practice if there is a problem.

However, after Ms. Lin’s multiple verifications, this Rolex watch purchased last year turned out to be in 2009, and the warranty card is still in the “Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Center”, not the “Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center.” You know, Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center is an old-fashioned high-end shopping mall in the minds of ordinary people in Nanjing. It has a high reputation and reputation. It must be a bad thing for anyone to receive such a service.

In May of this year, a reporter accompanied Ms. Lin to the counter to verify the matter. When the reporter came to interview, many staff at the counter were not willing to give any explanation on the production date of the watch. In desperation, Ms. Lin had to contact the salesperson who sold the watch to her by phone. The salesperson said: The brand does not need to provide customers with the production date of the watch, and the customer has no right to know, and the brand is not responsible for helping with inquiries.

In the end, under the follow-up report of the news media, Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center has handled the return of the goods for Ms. Lin and handled the employees who failed to respond quickly and solve the problem. At this point, the approach of Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center is still very commendable. While satisfying the demands of customers, it also handled the employees involved. This is what a high-end shopping mall should have. The Rolex counters in Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center are represented by Chow Tai Fook. If there are problems in sales and management, whether it is Chow Tai Fook or the shopping mall, it is all responsible. Whoever is the most responsible is not discussed here.

Although this matter seems to have “successfully ended” under the supervision of the media, for consumers, what lessons should be learned? This is a question worth pondering and discussing, and it is also the meaning of the content of this issue. Let’s share with you the four points of attention we have summarized to prevent “buying labor and being pitted”.

First, understand the market and the market. For ordinary consumers, it is best to do basic homework when buying a Rolex. For example, which one you want to buy, what is the current market situation of this watch in the primary market, secondary market and even the second-hand market, the conditions of purchase and the related pros and cons. Take the Rolex Weekly Datejust purchased by Ms. Lin as an example, which belongs to the precious metal with diamond ladies’ watch, and the public price of the purchase was nearly 300,000. These “non-sport models”, “diamonds”, “precious metals”, and “women’s watches” have almost integrated all the characteristics of Rolex’s unsalable models. They are very difficult to sell. The 11-year inventory can explain the problem.

Anyone who knows Rolex a little bit knows that Rolex watches that can preserve value or even premium are basically “sports models” (except for the new color disc Oyster Perpetual). These “sports models” are especially some steel watches. Popular among popular. If you want to buy “sports models” at the counters, you must have conditions, such as tying Rolex or Tudor. For a large customer like Ms. Lin who bought a precious metal diamond ladies watch, it would be too insincere that the counter did not tie up a panda di. If Panda Di didn’t catch it, it’s okay to set up a Coke ring. These popular items were sold and immediately earned tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. If Ms. Lin, who “does not understand the watch”, did not make such a demand, she would be a little bit at a loss.

By the way, for ladies’ watches with precious metal with diamonds like Ms. Lin, everyday passers-by can talk about a considerable discount when they buy them at counters. If it was bought at a public price, I won’t comment on it here. From the side, it can also be reflected that the level of the counter sales staff “seeing the dishes” is really top-notch, and it seems that the commissions are usually not less.

Second, understand the issue of insurance cards. The insurance card that came out at the Rolex counter should theoretically be no problem, but this time is an exception. Judging from related reports, this is an obvious “old version” insurance card. In 2020, Rolex will replace the “new version” of the insurance card. Card, friends who buy Rolex watches in the future, can pay attention to the version of the warranty card. If you still buy the “old version” warranty card at the moment, the inventory will be at least one year old.

Take this “old version” warranty card that Ms. Lin got as an example. The card is marked with the name of the official authorized dealer, the name of the watch owner, and the date of purchase. The “Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Center” marked on the insurance card was withdrawn two years ago, and it is not the “Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center”. Therefore, we have reason to guess that this is the inventory table processed after the withdrawal of the “Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Center”, and finally flowed into the “Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center”. As for how many internal processes have been taken, and how much discounted income, we I won’t discuss it. In short, the Rolex warranty card must be “authorized dealers”, otherwise it is very likely to buy this kind of problematic “fleeing goods.”

Third, understand the time of delivery. According to the relevant provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, business operators and consumers should follow the principles of fairness, honesty and credibility. At the same time, consumers also have the right to know. The right to know includes commodity prices, producers, specifications, and Use, production date and other related information. The right to know is a right enjoyed by consumers in accordance with the law, and everyone should strive for the right.

After knowing the factory time, consumers then judge for themselves whether it is worthwhile to start. The old saying goes, “Only buy the wrong one, not sell the wrong one”, “Buy the one without selling the essence”. In the automotive industry, it is also very common for 4S stores to sell stock cars. If the inventory time is long, you need to change the oil and filter as soon as possible after you buy it to make a “small health care” to ensure the performance of the vehicle. If you change it to a watch, like the Rolex that Ms. Lin bought for 11 years, although the appearance is very new, the movement should have been maintained long ago. It is magical to be able to go accurately!

Fourth, the new watch is required to measure the travel time. Rolex mechanical watches are certified by the Super Observatory and are known as “two seconds per day.” This is an important indicator of the outstanding performance of Rolex, and it is also what many Rolex watch friends care about. When buying a Rolex at a counter, it is necessary to perform a travel time test. Most large shopping malls have watch repair centers, and the time-testing equipment is also standard. If the time-deviation of the new watch is too large, you can refuse to buy it.

As for the time measurement equipment, you can get it at a few hundred yuan cheaper. It is not a special high-tech product. You can buy it at home and play it at home if you have spare money. If Ms. Lin had been careful at the time and went to take a test, and found a problem with the watch on the spot, there might be no news later. So, is it necessary for this time to go?

Write at the end

In recent years, Rolex has been “deified”, so that the terminal sales to the point of quite outrageous. If you learn more about the industry, you will find that the aura of “deification” fades away, perhaps in an instant. In the near future, we will also conduct an in-depth report on the domestic sales of the Rolex brand, so stay tuned! (Text / Qiu Xiaocheng)