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Daughter ‘sustainably eats’, the food containers her mother sends are full of storage


The distance between Saigon, My Tho, my hometown is also distanced, my mother’s first job is to call and ask if the garage still accepts food to the city.
Normally, I joke with my friends that I have a steady income. Every fortnight, the grandmother sends food to her children and grandchildren, not to save the hospital, but because “the house can be grown”, so the quality is assured.

Every time my mother sends me groceries, I keep the foam boxes in the warehouse. Once moving house, I was shocked because of the number of boxes piled up or lined up in a long line. Just looking at it is enough to know how much our mother took care of us. So I have to find someone who needs a Styrofoam box to grow vegetables to donate. My daughter often eats fruits that her grandmother chooses in the countryside and sends them by bus. Every time we go back to our hometown, the food “possessed” by our grandmother and “forgotten” is always full The first thing my mother did was to immediately call the bus operator on the My Tho – Saigon route to make sure that the bus was still operating normally. That’s it, she happily called to show her daughter. This year’s epidemic season, my mother has more experience than the previous one, so she reduced the amount of food sent to us. For example, green vegetables, because the last time they sent up too much, they got waterlogged because they couldn’t eat in time, or cut the number of banh tet in case they ran out of food. Snacks are also bought by mom, have someone deliver them to the door If there’s anything in the house, I send it all, if it’s lacking, I’ll buy more. Mother advised us: “In the epidemic season, we must eat and drink enough, not to pass the word”. Fresh fish meat, cleaned, preliminarily processed, divided into portions, just enough for each meal. When I cook, I just put it in the pot or defrost it to use. Food cooked by mother, ready to be put into each jar. The chicken egg box is always carefully inserted by the husk layer. The nursery yellow papaya was wrapped in several layers of newspaper, traveled a distance of more than 70 kilometers without being bruised. Accompanying the local food is always a “user manual” written by her mother on the calendar. Mothers are careful, taking care of their children’s meals, but their meals are just too small. One day during a video call, my daughter saw it was just a slice of braised fish with sliced ​​ripe bananas. When asked, my mother said: “That’s also delicious, and now that I’m old, my stomach is uncomfortable when I eat a lot”. With food boxes like this, we don’t have to go to the market during the epidemic season Fruits, vegetables, raw food, cooked food, all… Mom works hard to make yogurt for her children to increase their strength during the epidemic season My warehouse is often piled up with boxes my mother sends me My Tho has just begun the days of separation, and her mother still sends home goods to her children. Her daughter stopped, her mother said: “Let me send you peace of mind. I order people to deliver to my house, I try to limit going out”. This time, in addition to the food, there were two sets of toys. Grandma loves me all day and is bored at home, so I went to choose for her, ignoring her daughter’s teasing: “Mom brings firewood to the forest!”. Every year in the summer, she takes care of her daughter’s grandchildren and gives her hands free Grandma’s joy is to video call her grandchildren to help her remember Now the joy of the mother is the video calls of the two grandchildren. Every time we see her like that, we’ll always praise “the food sent from abroad is so delicious” and smile happily.