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Photographer Sichuan-Tibet self-driving: experience the G318 congestion, there are so many unruly retrogrades on the way into Tibet


In mid-March 2021, I participated in a Sichuan-Tibet line photography group. I set off from Chengdu to Nyingchi to shoot peach blossoms. It took 15 days and cost 16,800. The content of this article is the fourth day.

On this day, I started driving on the famous scenic avenue G318. I didn’t expect to encounter congestion on the first day.

I have traveled through National Highway 318 several times, the most important of which was to enter Tibet from there in 2013, and finally to Shigatse. That time was also the most impressive one. I encountered two mudslides on the way. Tired and terrified. Today, the road has been repaired so that there are no dangerous roads or obstacles. It is basically a “sloppy road”. Any kind of car can go, and any driver can drive. But there is still a kind of person who is best not to come. He can’t walk well when he comes, and he will add traffic to others. This is an unruly and uncultivated driver. Recalling the several congestion on the line afterwards, the direct reason that caused the difficulty in handling was that someone saw parking in front of him and waited, but he did not follow the rules and continued to walk, even driving forward in the opposite lane in the opposite direction. As a result, the opposite vehicle had no way to go. Go, causing a bigger blockage. No matter how good the road is, if the driver is not good, the people are not good, it will not be good… 1. Delicious Yajiang’s Fat Intestine Noodles There is no content to be filmed today, and the main thing is to hurry, from Xinduqiao to Batang. Take line 318, pass through Yajiang County, and take a break at noon. Lao Xu took us to eat fatty intestine noodles. He said it was very famous, just beside the 318 National Road in the county seat. A bowl of ordinary fatty sausage noodles for 15 yuan, with a 30 yuan portion of braised pork, plus pickles of your choice, this meal is delicious again… This way, because there is a team led by Tong Laoxu in the Sichuan-Tibet District, there is no need to worry about food and accommodation, and they are all local specialties. Not only are they delicious, but the prices are not expensive. 2. Traffic jams, hateful retrogrades On the first day of walking on National Highway 318, there were five car accidents. A car collided with a truck in the middle of the road and it was a mess; a Prado drove directly into the ditch and was devastated; a car crashed fast while driving on a snowy ground. , The rescue vehicle pulled away. Now we are still stuck on the road just entering Batang. The front is congested. Most people obey the rules and wait honestly. However, there are always some people with poor quality and go against the road. As a result, more serious congestion is caused. Finally, the police came and gave orders. They stepped back to make way… Seeing these situations, I was sighed. Now that the road to Tibet is easy, and there are more cars, you should abide by traffic laws. Entering Tibet is to travel. It usually takes more than ten days, but some people do not have to enter Tibet. I quit the trip due to irregular driving, and I still have a lot of trouble without saying that I was frustrated! While waiting, another big G came up retrograde (at this time there were cars waiting in line for a kilometer or two), and he rammed into it. Old Xu was furious and blocked him and asked him to go back. He refused. I got out of the car and directly recorded the video. Tell him that if he doesn’t return, I will put it on the Internet. He hesitates a bit, and I persuade him with all my heart, “Everyone is queuing, what are you anxious? We should all be civilized people who are disciplined. You can only increase congestion if you go up now.” . In the end, the girl in his car couldn’t hold her face anymore, and asked him to go back, and then reluctantly went back… Many people have entered Tibet for the first time and have no experience in mountain roads, and this section of the road is easy to walk, so many traffic accidents have occurred, especially in the vicinity of Haizi Mountain, there have been three accidents and congestion. The main reasons for car accidents are: First, the car is fast, there are reasons for speeding and not decelerating in corners; second, the road is slippery in snowy days, and there is no experience, and the brakes are slammed on the brakes; In fact, as a tourist, you must have a “tour” mentality when you take the 318 line. You can enjoy the scenery all the way, slowly and quickly. This is good, the trip ends early, and the damaged vehicles have to be dealt with, which will always leave a shadow on the trip to Tibet… 3. It is better to have a good mentality when encountering congestion, enjoy the scenery and write things, experience the scenery of 318, it is too beautiful in the wind and snow I was stuck in traffic for two hours at the junction of Litang and Batang. I missed the shooting opportunity in the evening and waited in the car without time limit. It was inevitable that I was irritable. I gradually relieved myself. There is always something to do while waiting, instead of irritability and complaining. More than 2,000 words were written in the car that day. Although I didn’t take pictures with my camera today, I enjoyed the wonderful snowfall and after-snow on the 4500-meter plateau on the way. I took a lot of videos. I don’t think I missed anything. The day is worth it! Traveling away, there are many unexpected things, but the mentality should be good and easy to go, all encounters are fate, all occurrences are destined, only our mentality of facing the objective world, we must calmly and discover something. Walking on line 318, enjoying the snow with music, is a realm and sentiment, it is so beautiful, this day is different! The journey of this day was a sunny day, and then experienced the baptism of wind and snow, and finally saw the “snow scenery” on the way. Although the traffic jam was uncomfortable, the scenery was good. Driving on this road, first drive up the plateau to the low-altitude gorge, then climb the gorge to the plateau with a wide view, and finally drive to the low-altitude Batang in the dark to check in. There is a feeling of ups and downs, which is also the characteristic of the 318 line. . Although they are all in the car for viewing and shooting, I am still very interested and rewarded by what I saw and heard on this section of the road. Walking 318 to see the scenery, not only snow-capped mountains, glaciers and lakes, but also many inadvertent discoveries and touches. My heart… 4. Why do tourists who take Line 318 like to live in Batang? The self-driving Sichuan-Tibet line officially walked on line 318 yesterday, starting from Xinduqiao, passing through Yajiang, to Litang, and finally to Batang. Due to traffic jams on the way, it was congested for more than two hours. It was already more than nine o’clock in the evening to Batang. . We hurriedly hurried, just to stay in Batang, why? Because of the low altitude of Batang! Litang and Batang are two counties close to Tibet and must pass through National Highway 318. However, there are few people living in Litang, and Batang is crowded with people. This is because the altitude of Litang is more than 4000, while Batang is only 2570, which is a comfortable height for mainlanders. So when I arrived in Batang, I found a lot of people staying here, and the price was much higher. The same room price is more than twice as expensive as Xinduqiao. The point is that many people still cannot live, and many are full. So if you want to live in Batang on line 318, you must make a reservation in advance, and the sooner the better…… 5. Living in Batang, I finally dared to take a bath! I had lived in Jinchuan and Danba and Xinduqiao before, but I didn’t dare to take a bath. The main reason for not daring to take a bath in the plateau is because of colds. The temperature at high altitudes is also low. If you do not pay attention to bathing, you are very easy to catch a cold. I didn’t wash in Jinchuan and Danba, two relatively low altitude places. It was mainly for the first time to reach the plateau. There must be an adaptation process, and the accommodation conditions in these two places are also average, so I can bear it. And when I arrived at Xinduqiao, I didn’t wash it because of the high altitude, which is still a bit taboo. But when I got to Batang, which is 2570 meters above sea level, I decided to take a bath and change clothes. But I usually take a shower in the morning, when I have a good rest, my body is adjusted, my resistance is enhanced, and it is easy to warm up after washing, and it is not easy to catch a cold. In addition to washing in the morning, the water must be hot to heat the body thoroughly. In short, you must be sure of the virtuous cycle of the body, and the lesbians must blow-dry their hair. But I still warn you that you should be cautious when you are on the plateau. If you can not wash as much as possible, it is the best choice to not catch a cold!