Home Architecture Decorating a child’s bedroom: Please ‘pocket’ the following secrets

Decorating a child’s bedroom: Please ‘pocket’ the following secrets


To get kids to love their own room, the simple trick is to focus on what they enjoy most: play. And there are a lot of ways to get creative: design a fake climbing wall with a safety foam mattress underneath with just the right height, install a slide, make a little stuffed animal zoo… to make kids feel see homes as well as parks or playgrounds. Children often love to store things, so design the storage corners that are airy and child-friendly. You can also display books to encourage children to read. Try to incorporate plants in your design, especially those that provide oxygen and help purify the air. Please make sure the trees do not hang too high, affecting the safety of children. At the same time, you can teach your child how to take care of plants. Encourage your child’s creativity with an art gallery where they can show off their creations. You can buy old picture frames and pictures, thread them with pictures of your children and hang them on the wall. Or you put your children’s clay works… in a small cabinet. Children will always love their own room! Light: First, make sure your child’s room is not too bright so that they can sleep well. Night lights should be placed low to the floor, in addition you can also use some decorative lights to make your child’s room always shimmering. Create your own corner: Design a lovely carpet, a soft lazy pillow to create a corner for your child, help them have their favorite activities here: reading, thinking, drawing… Any child would love to have his or her own corner in the bedroom. Children grow up fast and it’s better to have a room that can keep up with them. Don’t make it too childish, because children will grow up soon. Do not decorate the room too fussy with bright paint colors because children grow up very quickly and they will quickly feel out of place. Choose colors and textures that are neutral in color so that you can easily change them according to your child’s preferences.

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